The Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 Review

A recent addition to the plethora of cycle trainers, the Ancheer SP-4013 is using its superior quality and useful functions to capture the hearts and minds of health-conscious individuals. Introduced in 2016, in a short period of time, the Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 has become one of the best training cycles in its price segment. The Ancheer SP-4013 is more than just an off-road cycle with a wheel attached to it. It has many features that would help users lose weight, increase lower body strength, and improve the overall physical health. Let’s find out what makes the Ancheer Cycle Bike so special.

Pull Up Bars

The Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 – What you need to know

Stability and Portability

Ancheer has managed to achieve a fine balance between stability and portability. The cycling bike weights around 100lbs and its body is made of industrial grade steel tubing. You’ll have no problem moving and storing the bike after the workout. At the same time, the bike is strong enough to withstand intense workouts, for long periods of time by anyone who weights 220lbs or less.

The rigid frame doesn’t in any way affect the portability of the cycle. The Ancheer SP-4013 comes with small wheels near the front base. After workouts, the user can tilt the cycle and move it without much effort.


The Ancheer SP-4013 is fitted with a special suspension mechanism that most trainer cycles in its price range don’t have. The seat suspension mechanism reduces the chance of back pain and injury.

The seat is relatively wider than other cycles, making Ancheer more comfortable. The seat can be adjusted 4 ways; front and back horizontally and up and down vertically. Each adjustment position is 2 inches apart. Anyone between 5 and 6.2 inches in height can comfortably use the Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013.

The cycle’s handlebar allows multiple grip positions and it can be adjusted only vertically (up and down). Like to the seat, the handlebar allows 5 adjustable positions, each placed 2 inches apart. The handlebar is covered with soft rubber foam for a secure grip and extra comfort.

Pull Up Bars

Resistance and Safety

The most important component of the Ancheer SP-4013 Cycle is the wheel and drive system. The cycle comes equipped with a heavy flywheel and belt drive system. The flywheel promotes smooth and noiseless pedaling. For the belt system, Ancheer uses a stretch resistant heavy duty belt that will last for a long time.

To add variety to your workouts, the Ancheer SP-4013 permits reverse pedaling. Unfortunately, the cycle lacks a resistance mechanism for reverse pedaling. For the normal forward pedaling, the makers have added a simple resistance system. To increase or decrease the resistance you just need to screw a knob.

Fitness Monitor / Console

The fitness monitor attached to the Ancheer SP-4013 Cycle can do more than just measure the distance and time. The console monitors and displays calories burned, time, distance per session, total distance, pedaling speed, and pulse/heart rate. Special sensors are placed on the handlebar to measure the user’s heart rate. The monitor is powered by a battery. The absence of pedaling activity for 5 minutes will trigger the sleep mode of the monitor.




Strong and easily portable

The maximum allowed weight is just 220lbs

Reasonable price, 2-year warranty

No clear resistance levels

Monitors and displays vital stats

Adjustable seat (allows horizontal and vertical adjustment) and handlebars (allows only vertical adjustment)

Simple knob based resistance mechanism

Slip-proof pedal straps and toe cages

Stretch-resistant belt drive system and flywheel for smooth, natural drive



The Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 Review
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