Ab Machines and Equipment Review and Ultimate Buying Guide

Ab machines and equipment are an efficient technique that will help you tone your abs and get the results you need. Ab machines are good and they cause no harm or train your abs in the wrong way. The major problem is that there are many types available and you need to understand some things before buying one.

Types of Ab Machines and Equipment and their Uses

Hyperextension Machines / Roman Chairs – Help in getting slimmer hips and protecting your back from all kinds of injuries as training the lower back is very crucial.

Ab Chairs – Helps to inspire the crunch by means of a folding mechanism. They are comfortable means of doing abdominal workouts.

Sit Up Benches – These are appropriate for both the advanced trainers and novice. These common tools for abs training help in strengthening the core muscles by the use of improved sit up exercise.

Ab Gliders – These machines come with exceptional design to arouse the crunch and train the shoulders and the back.

Ab Wheels – These are easy but extremely effective tools for training your midsection in the comfort of your home. It works your entire upper body as well as your abdominal muscles.

Ab Rollers – They are valuable tools to seriously build up the upper part of your abdominals and give support to the neck to avoid strains and to carry out the movement correctly.

Top 5 Ab Machines and Equipment

XMark 12-Position Adjustable Ab Bench

Ab BenchThis highly adjustable and comfortable ab machine is one of the best on the market for both novice and fitter users. It is long and wide enough for almost anybody and this is what makes it secure and comfortable to use. XMark 12 was manufactured with special technology that helps protect your lower back from strains and injuries.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Very stable and strong
  • The best solution for bigger and wide-shouldered people
  • Handle bar makes it easy to get on or come down from the bench and also to begin your ab workout more easily
  • Fantastic 12-level adjustment


  • Difficult to use or store in smaller spaces due to its bigger size

Decline Ab Bench

XM-4415 XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench

Adjustable Ab BenchThis ab machine is your right choice if you are looking for an inexpensive, not adjustable sit up bench. Regrettably, it is not the best option for those who are bigger because it is not long and wide enough.


  • It is comfortable to use
  • Simple bench without extras
  • Relatively economical
  • Can easily be stored in a small space


  • Not adjustable and as a result, it may be uncomfortable for bigger people

Ab Benches

TKO Sit-Up Bench

This is a small and light ab machine that can easily be moved and stored. It features 23-degree angled pad that offers efficient workouts for beginners.


  • Assist handle makes it safe and comfortable to use
  • Wheels make the ab machine easy to move
  • Small design makes it ideal for people with limited space
  • Wide basement makes it stable


  • Not adjustable

Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial Ab Board

This trendy and proven ab machine is manufactured to strengthen the whole abdominal muscles and also to improve the crunches and sit-ups when you set it at different angles. It is incredibly durable as it is produced from premium materials, which makes it the best choice for gyms as well. You can adjust this machine in 12 positions, making it fit for anybody.


  • Additional wide board makes it comfortable to perform different abdominal exercises safely because the motion is more stable
  • Stable structure to prevent injuries in the course of ab work
  • Well positioned rollers to keep you stable while you carry out the workout
  • Additional thick material for comfortable use
  • Not heavy to carry


  • Song on the rollers are a bit hard, making it uncomfortable for the knees

XMark Commercial Adjustable Sit Up Bench

This ab machine is the commercial substitute for the 12-position type. It comes with more powerful structure, in order for it to be used in gyms. It also features incredible special lifetime warranty for the whole equipment!


  • Thicker and wider rollers for safe and more comfortable usage
  • Specially thick cushion to save your back from harm
  • 12-level adjustment to jerk optimal resistance, making it ideal for advanced users and beginners.
  • Strong steel frame for long-lasting usage
  • Handle bar to assemble and dismantle for safer usage


  • Few people found it difficult to put together

The Truth about Ab Machines

  • The truth about ab machines and equipment is that price is not the best determinant – The fact that you buy an expensive ab machine doesn’t mean that you will get results faster. As a matter of fact, cheap fitness machine does the magic fast than some useless expensive ones.
  • Ab machines offer workout for the abs. Nevertheless, your abs is already extraordinarily strong as a human being.
  • After children, a car and a house, ab machines and equipment are the biggest hole in the pocket that you will ever own.
  • The truth about ab machines is that they function to strengthen your ab muscles but NEVER make your waistline slimmer
  • They make your ab muscles STRONGER but cannot make your stomach SLIMMER or THINNER.

What to Look for When Buying Ab Machines and Equipment

Buying quality Ab machines and equipment can be tricky and confusing as there are different types available. All you need to do when buying ab machine is to sort out the effective machines from the ones making false promises to make quick money.

Here are some fundamental things you must look for when buying ab machines and equipment to make sure that you are actually buying the correct one.


Quality abs machines will give at least a couple of adjustment selections for you to be sure that it will fit your frame. Nothing is worse than trying to carry out a crunch motion on a machine too big for you. If you train on a machine that is not fit to your build, you can injure yourself. On this note, buy the ab machine that offers adjustment options and fits you.


You should possibly look for the ab machine that will offer you the expected results, if all you are looking for is an ab machine that provides forward flexion only. Your abdominal region consist of four major areas that you need to work including the intercostals, the oblique, upper abs and lower abs in order to have a strong, well developed mid-section. For this reason, you need an ab machine that provides forward and lateral movement for you to target all these areas.

Shun the Propaganda

Regardless of what your diet looks like, a lot of infomercials advertising ab machines and equipment would want you to believe that you can get a six pack in few minutes a day. You should understand that doing regular cardiovascular exercise and eating hygienic diet is about 85 percent of the formula to getting a six pack abdominal region. Actual abdominal training is the remaining 15 percent. Therefore, you must avoid any product that claims results without exercise or diet.


A comfortable ab machine is the one that will not stress your back and neck and will target the correct muscles effectively. Therefore, put this in mind when shopping for one.

The Cushion

This must be thick and high-density to ensure comfortable usage


The size of the ab machine is also important. This is necessary to be sure that the space you have will accommodate it. You can buy the foldable type if you have limited space.

Final Thought

As there are different options of ab machine and equipment available on the market, it is quite imperative for you to opt for the one that will work best for you. Be honest with yourself when you want to choose and think about your personal preferences. Choosing the right ab machine and working out the right way will bring about attractive, firm muscle and will help you feel like you are no longer killing yourself for nothing any longer!

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