Best Free Standing Punching Bags in 2018

If you are thinking about buying a Free Standing Punching Bag, this article is for you. We will try to explain why would you need a punching bag, how to pick a good one, and lastly, we will display five bags that we think are the best. By the end of it, you should have a broader knowledge about punching bags, which will make your browsing and final choice a lot easier. Stay tuned.

What is a punching bag?

A punching bag is a specifically designed bag for punching. What makes punching bags unique is durability. Punches and kicks create a lot of force, and it is vital for the bag to be able to withstand all that. We are talking about thousands of heavy punches. A good bag will absorb all of them, without any deformities, at least not for a while.

But, punching bag has to be soft too- not like cotton, but soft enough to absorb the force of the punch without injuring the person “working” on it. That is why most bags are filled with loose materials- sand, grains, rags, or even air and water. The outside of punching bags is usually made from thick leather or vinyl.

Stability is a key factor- if the bag is unstable, it will move too much after every punch. But, it should not be entirely still too- punching bag is not a wall, too much inertia can cause injuries.

Because of its design and primary use, punching bag has been used for centuries, in one form or another. It is the essential part of any martial art that involves punching and can found in military, police and special forces training worldwide.

Why Do I Need A Punching Bag?

If you are into martial arts, the punching bag is an essential tool for practicing. Without a bag (or a sparring partner), everything you learn is just theory.

But, a punching bag can be useful for many other things. Even if you are not into martial arts, punching a bag is one of the best forms of cardio. It can burn up to 600 calories per hour! Just try it, you will start breaking a sweat after few minutes. Punching a bag also works your muscles, mainly arms, chest, shoulders, and back. But a good technique punch involves the whole body, and you can also kick the bag. Basically, you can get a great total-body (cardio) workout only using a punching bag. And knowing how to punch with force and precision is always useful.

Why Should I Get A Freestanding Punching Bag?

Free standing boxing bags are simply more convenient than ones you hang from the ceiling. Look, there is nothing wrong with hanging punching bags, they are fantastic. That is a traditional design, and it is what you will find in every martial arts gym. But, the only purpose of gyms is exercising. If you need a training bag for your home gym, it is entirely a different story. Most bags are massive, especially if you get a heavy bag, and you will need to drill your ceiling or to make some kind of a mount in order to use it. You can remove the bag from it, but the holes will remain there.

The free standing bag is a different story- you can use it and put it away after you finish your workout. It is easier to move, you don’t need to drill the ceiling, and it will feel pretty much the same when you train on it.

Freestanding bags offer one more advantage over hanging heavy bags- they can be easily toppled over, and used for practicing MMA moves such as ground and pound and grappling.

Types Of Boxing Bags

There are many designs, but we can sort them into these categories:

  • Speed bag– this one is not used to train heavy punches, but rather the boxers hand movement and speed. These are less convenient for people who are not boxing.
  • Slip bags– they are similar to speed bags in terms that you are not supposed to strike them with force. But their primary purpose is to practice boxers head movement and evading. They are also less convenient for people who are buying a boxing bag just for casual use and cardio.
  • Heavy bags– this is a classic, all-around design. Its primary purpose is to absorb the hardest punches and kicks. These bags are massive and can be used by both martial arts athletes, and people who want to break a good sweat. This is the most common type of boxing bags. They can be freestanding, or hanging from the floor. We prefer freestanding heavy bags.
  • O.B– short from Body Opponent Bag. This bag mimics a live, human opponent. Its primary purpose is to practice some more dangerous punching techniques, that could hurt a human sparring partner. These are not real punching bags but can serve the same purpose. They are most often used by people who practice martial arts, such as Wing Chun.

There are other variations of boxing bags too, but these are specific to certain types of martial arts (uppercut bag, wrecking ball bag, wall bag,

swerve bag and many others). But, most casual/amateur users will not need these in their home gyms.

Top 5 Free Standing Punching Bags

To help you up, we have created this list. You can decide to purchase one of these five bags, and you will not make a mistake. But even if you decide to pick something else, these five can serve as a benchmark, they are all high-quality.

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

Everlast is a well known company in the martial arts sports industry. They make all kinds of gear- shorts, gloves, mouth guard, jump ropes… And of course, punching bags.

This bag is made from high-quality, durable, shock absorbing foam. Their “Nevatear” tech will make sure the outer shell of the bag never breaks. It also has a unique “neck” (Omniflex) that is designed to absorb even the heaviest punches, without moving the base of the bag.

The good thing about Everlast Omniflex is that you can adjust it to different heights. The highest is 67’’. The base can be filled with water or sand. When filled with water it will weigh around 130 lbs.

This is a good bag overall, especially considering its price. But it has one flaw- the neck is plastic. This will not be a problem for shorter athletes. But, if you are taller, and want to use the highest position, the force of your heaviest kicks can turn it over, especially if you only fill the base with water.


  • Good brand
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable


  • Plastic neck and base

Bottom line:

  • Could be better, but for the price, Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag is a solid buy. If you are on a budget, this is the bag for you.

Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century is proud to say that Versys Fight Simulator is the most versatile free-standing system on the market. And in our opinion, that is entirely true. What makes this bag special is flexibility. It is equally effective for practicing stand

up punches and kicks, as well as ground training. It is a hybrid of a standard heavy boxing bag and a grappling dummy. This bag is one of the best in the industry. It is the second best thing to a live sparring partner. With this bag, you can practice all of your skills- kicks, punches, takedowns or ground moves.

This bag is big and will provide three times more striking surface compared to standard bags. Its body is covered by durable vinyl, resistant to tears. It also moves when you hit it, allowing you to practice movement, evasion, and reflexes. But, some users might dislike this, since it moves a bit too much. It has a stable base that weighs around 100 lbs when filled with sand. The base is pre-filled.

This heavy bag also has handles. This is not only useful for moving the bag around, or to or off the floor; you can also use them for strength training. It is possible to do various types of crunches, rows, or you can attach resistance bands to it. And you can use them to practice your knees or more advanced fighting moves.


  • Good for punches, kicks, takedowns, ground, and pound
  • Durable, large striking surface
  • Handles allow more comfortable movement and provide additional exercises


  • Moves a bit too much, could be more stable

Bottom line:

  • Century Versys Fight Simulator is an excellent, versatile system. It will allow you to practice all your martial arts skills. We would like it to be a bit more stable, but it is a very good system as is, and we recommend it.

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Now, this is something else. Century really did a great job with this bag, and we can freely say that this system is one of the best one we have reviewed, and certainly one of the best on the whole boxing bags market. Here is why.

First, this bag is huge. Extra large striking surface will allow better workouts. But, this heavy bag is also extremely stable. It has a low-profile base but with a superb weight distribution, which will make it stable. You can fill it with sand or water, and once filled the whole system weighs 270 pounds. This much weight tells a lot about the stability. You can expect minimal movement even when practicing heaviest kicks. We have already mentioned that it’s huge- 69 inches tall, with an 18 inches diameter.

The skin of this bag is covered in thick vinyl, and it is filled with dense foam. This allows it to absorb even the strongest kicks and punches, without any

The only downside of this excellent boxing bag is at the same time its biggest strength- weight. It makes it less movable, and you will have a harder time picking it up from the floor if you want to practice your ground moves- this bag is not meant for that, its primary purpose is practicing kicks and punches. But for that, it is the best boxing bag available.


  • Stable
  • Heavy and tall
  • Biggest striking surface on the market


  • Not ideal for ground and pound

Bottom line:

  • If you want a bag to practice your kicks and punches, this is the one you should get. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is one of the best product we have tested. Stable, durable, with a large striking surface, this top quality heavy bag will meet all your expectations.

Century BOB XL with Base Unit

Another freestanding boxing bag from Century, a mammoth in the punching bags industry. But this one is a bit different. It is a BOB- Body Opponent Bag. If you practice self-defense first martial arts, such as krav maga, karate, Wing Chun or any other system that teaches you to strike your opponent in vulnerable areas, this one is for you.

This BOB is filled with a strong, urethane foam, that will provide just the right amount of resistance, and absorb your punches without any damage. It has a broad, stable base, that can be filled with sand or foam. It can be adjusted to different heights, 60-82 inches. This is a bigger BOB than usual, as it also has the groin area.

All things considered, this is an excellent BOB. if you need one, this is the one you should get. It is pricey though, buy it only if you need it.


  • BOB
  • Groin area
  • Adjustable and stable


  • Pricey

Bottom line:

Century BOB XL with Base Unit is an excellent BOB. If you need a BOB, this one will meet your requirements. It is pricey though, costs

  • more than regular heavy bags, so don’t waste your money on it if you don’t absolutely need a BOB.

Ringside Elite Free-Standing Bag

This 6 foot 4 inches giant from Ringside is the best boxing bag we have encountered. It has all a martial arts athlete needs.

It is covered with thick synthetic leather and filled with dense, shock-absorbing foam. It also has a removable foam collar that can either increase or decrease the movement of the bag (which is spring loaded), based on your needs. This makes it suitable both for practicing heaviest punches and for exercising evasion and reflexes.

The base tank is plastic and can be filled with 270 lbs of sand or water, providing excellent stability. And unlike most other bags, this one is extraordinarily stable- it can withstand even the heaviest punches without flipping over. Wide, 32-inch base allows this. The bag itself is 17 inches in diameter. Above it, the bag is reinforced with a pad that protects it against kicking.


  • Tall, 6’4’’
  • Heavy and stable
  • Stiff or loose settings


  • Broad, massive base, not meant for ground and pound

Bottom line:

  • Ringside Elite Free-Standing Bag is the best system on the market, in our opinion. The reason why is simple- it will never fall over from punching. If you want a great, free standing punching bag, this is the one you get.


In this article, we have given you some advice about Freestanding Punching Bags. We have explained why you should get one, and went through different types you can buy. In the end, we have presented five examples. All five punching bags are excellent, but one is the best among them- Ringside Elite Free-Standing Bag (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE).

The key selling point is stability. It is next to impossible to turn this bag over. It has a really wide base and great size. If you have the money, this is definitely the best freestanding heavy bag you can get, don’t miss it.

If this was not what you were looking for you can also check out the Best Punching Bag Stand here.  Also, don’t forget the Heavy Bag Gloves.

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