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Grip strength is definitely something that much of our daily tasks require. You may not be aware of it but from opening a door, a jar, or a bottle to driving your car, carrying your luggage, playing baseball, tennis or golf, you exert a certain degree of grip strength, and the stronger your grip is, the better you are able do the things that necessitate it. Fortunately, a grip strengthener makes it possible even for couch potatoes to work muscles in the hands, wrists, and forearms.Pull Up Bars

Aside from daily life function, grip strength also comes into play when you do weight training workouts or upper body exercises such as pull ups or chin ups. A weak grip causes physical restrictions, which can be a limiting factor and can negatively affect your confidence and ability to lift and balance massive weights that put high amounts of stress on the wrist area. On the other hand, a strong and solid grip improves and increases your confidence and weight lifting and stabilization capacity.

Grip strength is also vital in sports that involve a lot of hitting, throwing, pushing and pulling motions. The stronger your grip is, the better control you can have over a sport equipment like a baseball bat, a rowing paddle or a badminton racket.

Now that we have an overview of how our grip strength level can either negatively or positively affect our performance not just in our everyday activities but also in our weight training workouts, and sports, we can have greater appreciation of the benefits of grip strengtheners and strengthening exercises that help build and improve muscle strength in the hands, wrists and forearms.

  1. Improves hand and forearm endurance

    Daily activities such as driving can be a physically taxing activity especially when you have to do it for long hours. But with grip strengthening exercises, you can build your forearms, reduce muscle fatigue, and have better control of the wheel so you can go further and drive safely.
    You can also increase the length of time for which you can exert a certain amount of force while pulling or carrying heavy objects, or gripping onto things so you can get things done fast and free from hand fatigue.Pull Up Bars

  2. Enhances sports performance

    With stronger hands, wrists, and forearms, an athlete can hit the baseball, throw the foot ball, row the boat, push the opponent, and push oneself up a climbing wall with greater force and to a greater distance.
    Additionally, there are hand grip strengtheners that help enhance the fingers’ flexibility and dexterity, which are great for musicians who play the piano, guitar, and other string or wind instruments.

  1. Increases weight training capacity

    When you do weight training workouts, the increasing difficulty in lifting heavier weights may be attributed to weakening grip strength. While using wraps can be a remedial option, a better alternative that can reduce, if not eliminate, your physical restrictions and is not as time consuming as putting wraps on would be to improve your grip though grip strengthening exercises using a gripper. With stronger wrists and hands, you can lift and balance weights with greater capacity and confidence.

  2. Builds forearm muscularity

    Who won’t feel good about having a pair of well-defined forearms? By consistently using a grip strengthener that forces the whole forearm complex to do intense contracting motions everytime you use the gripper, it’s only a matter of time that you can increase your forearm muscularity, see them get into shape and grow into fully-developed ones.

  3. Reduces risk of getting injured

    Athletes such as boxers who need their hands to be in excellent physical condition would benefit largely from using hand grip strengtheners. With stronger hands, they can punch harder and reduce risk of injuries.

  4. A good pastime activity

    Hand grip strengtheners are so handy and practical you can use them even when you are watching TV in your living room.  Some has even taken their gripping hobby to a whole new level by joining contests and competing for the title of “Gripping King”.

Next, we’ll be looking at four different grip strengthening devices that are known for their unique capacities and characteristics, and for yielding excellent results.

  1. The Harbinger Adjustable Grip

    Developed by one of the leaders in exercise equipment, this interchangeable multi-resistance gripper has adjustable resistances and is ideal for high-repetition endurance training and multi-rep grip training.Pull Up Bars

  1. The Harbinger Grip

    This grip strengthener is recommended for beginners and for those who would like to do high-repetition grip workout. It is pre-set at the one resistance and has a resistance setting that’s slightly higher than its adjustable counterpart.Pull Up Bars

  2. Heavy Duty Grippers

    Available in five resistance levels ranging from 100 lbs to 300 lbs in 50-lb increments are the Heavy Sports Heavy Grippers with solid steel construction and aluminum handles. It will definitely challenge the strongest of grips and take your gripping workouts to a whole new level.Pull Up Bars

  1. Altus Adjustable Hand Grip

    Available in three resistance levels, this handy and lightweight hand grip is ideal for enhancing gripping endurance. Convenient and easy to use, type is also perfect for beginners.Pull Up Bars

Finally, here are some useful tips for doing proper and effective grip strengthening exercises.

  1. Use only your hands to close the gripper. Twisting your arms or your upper-body to force the gripper defeats the purpose of working your hands to do the task.
  2. To avoid injuries, use a gripper with a resistance level that’s appropriate for your current grip strength. You can go for harder grips as your grip becomes stronger.
  3. Observe proper breathing. As with any other exercise, grip strengthening require you to take in adequate amount of oxygen for the workout to be effective. Exhale when you squeeze then inhale when you release the gripper.
  4. Do warm-up exercises for your wrist by using low-pressure grippers before moving on to high pressure ones.
  5. Perform single and multiple repetitions for a complete grip-strengthening exercise.
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