Best Power Rack Under $1000 for 2018

In our previous article, we have talked about the Best Power Racks Under $500. Those were not bad, but you cannot really expect too much for the price.

For $1000 on the other hand, you can get a lot more – better quality products, with more extras. But also, since the price range is broader, you will find more products, making choosing more difficult.

To make things easier for you, we have created this article, showing you Best Power Racks Under 1000.

Why Do You Need a Power Rack?

Is a power rack essential? No. A barbell is essential. However, to ride a motorcycle, a helmet is not essential, it can be done without it. Most of the time, nothing will happen, you will be just fine. Still you only need that one time, when things do not go as planned, to ruin your life.

You can lift without a power rack, that is true. If you get a squat rack, you can even do barbell squats comfortably. Although that is not the smartest idea, primarily if you work out alone, in your home gym. If something happens, and the barbell slips, without a spotter, serious injuries can and do occur. That is where power racks come in.

Power racks, or power cages, are designed with a safety-first approach. They allow lifters to push their limits, knowing they are completely safe even without a spotter. Every squat rack has safety bars that will catch the barbell if you ran out of strength to get it back on the holders. Power racks also allow better workouts- knowing that you are safe will help your lifts both consciously and subconsciously- you will lift heavier, going for your PR even without a spotter.

Choosing a Power Rack

As with any power rack, or gym equipment you need to make sure you have enough space to fit it in. Never go with tight fits, unless you have to. A spare room above the rack for pull-ups, and on the sides so you can easily load the barbell is a good idea. Power racks take a lot of space, and they are not for everyone, but if you have a dedicated home-gym room, and enough money, you should get one without even thinking about it. $1000 will allow you to get a quality power rack, that will last forever. Keep these few things in mind:

  • Material- this price range will get you a thicker, heavy-duty power rack. Try to go for 12ga steel or less (with steel, a lower number means stronger). These will not only withstand more weight but will also last a lot longer. Stability can be felt when you do bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups- more massive power rack should shake much less, or not at all.
  • Supported weight- for $1000 you should get a power rack that supports serious weight. Go for 700+ pounds. Yes, you will probably not lift that much anytime soon, but at one point, you will. You want your power rack to last a lifetime; this is a long-term investment. Stronger power racks will also last longer, since you will not push it to the limit many times, and it will suffer much less daily wear and tear.
  • Add-ons- for more money, you can get more add-ons- pullup bar, dip bar, lat pulldown, cable crossover, low and high pulley, bench. However, for $1000 you will rarely be able to get all of that, without sacrificing the rack build quality, which is the most important thing. So be careful, choose a sturdy, quality rack that can support a lot of weight, and if you have room in your budget for add-ons, get them. Especially bench, that is something you must have in your home gym.

Top 5 Power Racks Under $1000

In this price range, there is a lot to choose from. To prevent paralysis by analysis, we have selected five power racks that you can get under $1000. These five are excellent quality, can handle serious weight and will last forever.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

This power rack has everything you need, Fitness Reality really made it right. It is stable, can handle a massive load and has excellent add-ons.

2″ x 3″ tubular steel frame has a 1500 lbs real weight capacity. You will rarely find racks that can handle this much in even in pro gyms. Bars can withstand user weight up to 600 lbs. Dimensions are 86.5 L x 52 W x 86 H inches, meaning you will have more than enough space even for sumo squats inside the cage, or even a spotter.

But, you will not need a spotter, not with this rack. Besides the full-length safety bars, you have additional, 11.5 inch that can also be lift-offs. Moreover, you get a bonus pair of J-hooks that you can use instead of those 11.5-inch safety bars, or to put them on the front of the rack, to do exercises outside of it.

This rack has many extras too. You have multi-grip, multi-position chinup/pullup bars that will allow you to do all variations of these excellent exercises. As noted, they can withstand up to 600 lbs of weight. Also, adjustable dip handles with rubber grip will make dip exercises more comfortable. You also have a lat pulldown/low row attachment with bars included, that can handle 360 lbs of weight plates.

With a multitude of exercises you can perform, this is almost a home gym system, and not just a power rack. Get an adjustable bench, and almost every muscle group will be covered.


  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Adjustable, multi-grip, multi-position pullup bar
  • Lots of extras – dip bars, lat pulldown, row station


  • Safety bars are a bit hard to adjust
  • Bottom line: Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage is an excellent buy. Sturdy can handle a lot of weight, with different adjustments, you will not find a lot of better racks at this price.

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

One look at this power rack will say it all. This is a heavy-duty product, solidly built rack. 4-side welding and an 11-gauge tensile steel construction and oversized hardware will guarantee stability. Electrostatically applied powder finish will prevent scratches. Dimensions are 82″ H x 49″ L x 46″ W and the rack can take up to 800 lbs safely. It is very wide, and “walk-in” design will let you perform all exercises comfortably.

This rack has heat-tempered liftoffs that will never break. Body-Solid picked saber-style for their safety bars. The rack has 20 adjustment levels, each 3’’ separated from the other, more than enough for every exercise. It also has a 41’’ wide knurled chinup/pullup bar.

With this power rack, you can opt for different add-ons. If you get a 210 lbs weight stack, and t-bar row platform, lat attachment, and dip bars, plus a bench you will end up having a complete power station, and not just a safety power rack. But even without that, Body-Solid Pro Power Rack is an excellent acquisition.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 11-gauge steel
  • 20 lifting positions


  • Has only a pullup bar, you will have to pay extra for add-ons
  • Bottom line: If you want a sturdy power rack that will last forever, Body-Solid made this one for you. It is simple, but it can handle the weight, and it will never let you down. To get more than just a pullup bar, you will have to pay extra, nevertheless, the pure quality of this power rack makes it an excellent buy.

Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack

If you want a sturdy power rack with many extras, but you only have $1000, get Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack.

This rack comes with different options, but we have chosen cable crossover attachment. Cable crossover is a well-known device for every gymrat, something that is useful for almost any muscle group. And combined with the power rack, you will be able to do a complete workout, right in your home. Cable crossover pulleys have a double-bar design allowing smoother movement with better stability. It has two handles that you can adjust separately.

Both the rack and crossovers are made from heavy-duty steel that can handle 800 lbs, but only up to 650 is recommended. The rack has four solid steel bar catchers that you can put in 27 different positions. Two chromed safety bars will prevent injuries and damage. The rack also has a chromed pull-up bar for users up to 400 lbs. On the sides, you will find 4 steel plate storage sticks that can also be used to increase stability, especially during pull-ups.

Also, if cable crossover, a power rack, and a pull-up bar are not enough for you, you can get a bench, a lat pulldown station, dip bars or additional safety bars.


  • Cable-crossover
  • 4 bar catchers
  • 4 weight holders


  • You will have to pay more to get additional add-ons
  • Bottom line: Not many power racks have cable crossovers, and that is why we like Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack. It is also very sturdy and can handle good amount of weight. The only problem is- cable crossover is not going to be enough for most people, so getting more extras will cost a bit more.

Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack

Titan T-3 is the terminator among power racks, as it can handle more than 1000 pounds of weight! 11 gauge, steel tubing, 2’’x 3’’ is what makes this rack so hardcore. And since you are supposed to bolt it to the floor, it will be extremely stable. The rack is 230 pounds heavy, and this stat alone tells you a lot about its quality. Dimensions are huge, 36 x 46 x 92 inches, so make sure you have enough room for it, and to leave some room on the side and above, for pull-ups. But, you will have a lot of space inside the cage is 42×24 inch. Safety bars can handle big weight, and the “westside” hole spacing will allow maximum range of motion without compromising safety in exercises like bench press.

Titan T-3 has two chin-up bars, one 1,¼ inch and the other 2 inches thick. With the bar, you will also get j hooks and dip bars that are easily installed. You also have attachments for holding weight. However, besides benches and additional multi-grip pull-up bars, you will not find any popular upgrades, such as lat pulldown, cable crossover, or a high/low pulley station, which is a shame.


  • 1000+ lbs
  • Heavy-duty, 11ga, 2’’x3’’ steel
  • 2 Pullup bars


  • Lacking upgrade options
  • Bottom line: Titan T-3 is a durable power rack, and this model can be found even in professional gyms. If you do not need too many extras, and just want a simple, but durable rack, this one is for you.

XMark Fitness XM-7620 Power Cage

This power rack made by XMark is another good option. Stable, with a substantial weight capacity and upgradable.11ga steel construction has 2’’x3’’ thick tubes. It can handle up to 850lbs of weight.  Dimensions are 48.5″” L x 48.5”” W x 83.1″” H, and the rack has a wide walk-in, 48’’. The whole device is very durable, and finished with a baked on, scratching resistant powder coat finish.

This rack has two pairs of outside, and two pairs of inside bar catchers. You also have a couple of safety bars. Holes for these are drilled two inches apart, and they start from 20’’ and up. Everything is readjusted with the easy-to-use pull-pin system.

On the bar, you will find a multi-grip pull-up bar, for narrow and wide pull-ups. And with it comes an ergonomically spaced removable dip bar. You can also purchase some extras, such as a lat pulldown and low row attachments, and of course a bench. Could use some weight holders though.


  • Strong, steel frame
  • Lots of barbell holders
  • Multi-grip pull-up and dip bar


  • No weight holders
  • Bottom line: XMark made a good rack, and XM-7620 will supplement any home gym, it is an excellent power rack. It is sturdy and has good options, although missing some extras, it is a good choice overall.


In a nutshell, we have introduced you to the power rack world, a must-have for any serious lifter that is building a home gym. We have also presented you with five of the Best Power Racks Under $1000 that we think are good choices.

If we have to pick the best one, it would be the Titan T-3 (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). The main reason is simple- when you look at it, you just know how durable it is. It can handle 1000+ lbs with ease and has two pull-up bars, and a dip bar. Yes, it is missing some extras, but this rack it covers all the basics, and the sheer strength and build quality is what separates it from the herd.

Best Power Racks Under $1000 in 2018
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