Best Rowing Machine Under $700 for 2018

A rowing machine represents one of the best solutions for a healthier body. If you want to get in a better shape and don’t want to go to the gym, using a rowing machine at home represents one of the few proven methods to get a proper full body workout.

The Best Rowing Machine Under 700 comes with many benefits as they have been studied by scientists all over the world. Most importantly, it is one of the safest fitness machines you can use as it doesn’t negatively impact your joints, as is the situation with other activities such as running.

Why choose a Rowing Machine

There is increasing evidence that rowing is the mother of all weight loss exercises as it is both safe and highly efficient. Judging by its increasing popularity, it can be said that many people see it as a great solution for an improved overall health.

At the same time, it has also made its way outside the gym and into our homes as they become more practical and easier to use. Having the possibility to perform a quick workout is priceless when it comes to long-term health. So what are some of the main reasons to choose a rowing machine?

Improved Mobility

One of the benefits of training your entire body is that you can have all the major muscles and joints working together. This can improve your mobility and make you better prepared for regular daily activities. Even more, it can combat or minimize the effect of aging.

As we age, the mobility of our joints diminishes. While you cannot go back in time in terms of mobility, you can still considerably improve your condition simply by exercising more. This is where having the ability to train with a rower proves to be a top recommendation. But purchasing the rower is just the first step as you will need to train at least a few times per week to see real benefits.

Even more, it is also important to know how to approach this training according to your goals and capabilities. This is where a versatile rowing machine comes with the added advantage of being made for both the beginners and intermediate users.

Weight Control

One of the benefits of this regular training routine comes with weight control. You are thus able to take your weight into your own hands and adjust your training according to your goals.

Even the most basic rowing machine can approximate the number of calories you burn with every workout and this is why it represents a top solution when it comes to a modern approach which is not based on estimations but on real data which significantly improves your chances of losing or maintaining weight.

One of the common questions comes in the form of weight loss duration. The time needed to lose weight depends on your lifestyle and the amount of pounds you want to lose. It may also be true that you might be struggling to lose weight compared to other people, but this just means that you need a more custom approach to weight loss.

There is a myth that not all people can lose weight. But in reality, if you combine the great functionality of full body workouts with a healthy diet where you know exactly your daily caloric intake, than you will be in the position where you will see real weight loss.

Cardiovascular Benefits

The cardiovascular health is very important for good circulation. It represents a great step forward when it comes to leaving healthier and longer. If you already have a good diet which is based on healthy home cooking, than using a rowing machine can further improve your cardiovascular health. With a stronger heart, you will also see other benefits such as better resistance. As these results come in time, it is important to choose a durable rowing machine which can offer a dependable solution for your needs as an improving user.

There are many methods to improve your cardiovascular health. Some come with medication and are made to treat various problems. Actually preventing these problems is recommended and sports is the only proven non-invasive method for this purpose. This means that daily physical activity is proven to keep some cardiovascular problems away.

No Joint Pain

A rowing machine has you seated with the legs in a fixed position on the foot pedals. This means that you reduce the risk of knee pain and of general injury since it supports your body in a stable position at all times. It thus proves to be a great solution for people who already experience joint pain.

But the biggest benefit comes for overweight people. It represents a great solution for those who want to maximize their results in terms of weight loss but who struggle or even feel real pain when they run. This is why rowing is such a great option as it allows you to burn calories and also focus on the right type of mobility which still activates the major muscles in your body.

You will activate your legs, arms, back and even your arms’ muscles when you row. This means that all these muscles are burning more calories than isolation exercises and they manage to do this in a way which doesn’t come with any shocks to the joint. This is why you need a good rowing machine to see all these great benefits yourself.

Top 5 Indoor Rowing Machines Under $700

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

The Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower comes with a strong extruded aluminum beam which ensures safe and comfortable rowing. Even more, it comes with a padded seat for added comfort and with the help of the built-in LCD display it manages to offer the solid foundation you need for your workouts. There are 12 programs to choose from when it comes to training options and this has the potential of changing up your routine from the simple liner rowing approach.


  • LCD display
  • Extruded aluminum beam
  • 12 preset programs


  • Not the best folding design

The rowing machine comes with a durable frame which can hold most users. With large footpedals, it also represents a comfortable option when it comes to lower body stability. Even more, it comes with 12 programs to base your cardiovascular workouts on and this makes it a highly attractive option for many home users who want to mimic their experience in commercial gyms. With a foldable design, it represents a great solution when it comes to performance in a space-saving approach.

NordicTrack RW200 Rower

The NordicTrack RW200 Rower is a modern design which comes with an adjustable console viewing angle. This means that it can be used by users of different heights comfortably. With iPod connectivity, you are also able to listen to your favorite tracks with the help of the built-in speakers. Even more, it is one of the best solutions when you look or comfort since it comes with pivoting pedals to reduce the pressure on your joints.


  • Adjustable console
  • iPod connectivity
  • Pivoting pedals


  • Display batteries not included

The rowing machine represents an interesting option when it comes to modern designs. It manages to offer an impressive performance with its adjustable console and easy to row design. Made with great music connectivity using iPod technology, you are also able to listen to music while training. But the rowing machine can also be a great solution for reduced pressure on you joints and knees since it includes the pivoting pedals design.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Indoor Rower

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower comes with a light and strong aluminum beam. It represents the foundation for the polyurethane molded seat. But it also includes an LCD display which controls the entire experience to your desired needs. Even more, it manages to offer an impressive overall performance in the form of cardiovascular benefits. For this purpose, it even comes with an included chest strap for precise readings


  • LCD display
  • Aluminum beam
  • Chest strap


  • Not best for long-term use

The rowing machine represents a good first option for many users. While it doesn’t impress in terms of smoothness, it is easy to use straight away and it represents one of the few options you can use when it comes to heart rate monitoring. Even more, it manages to offer a good functionality which is controlled with the help of the included LCD display. This is where you will see the readings on your pulse and for other workout data such as the total strokes or the time spent on the machine.

ASUNA 4500 Commercial Folding Rowing Machine

The ASUNA 4500 Commercial Folding Rowing Machine is based on magnetic resistance and it offers an impressive overall performance for the home users. While it may not be suited to the advanced users, it manages to offer some of the most interesting characteristics which will make it resemble the premium options. They include the chest strap which shows you your pulse in real time.


  • 12 programs
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Included chest strap


  • Not the most comfortable seat

The rowing machine thus represents a good start to your fitness journey. Its full body workout potential is completed by the magnetic resistance technology and with the help of the included chest strap, the rower manages to offer a great cardiovascular workout which is the base of your weight loss and circulatory benefits.

Kettler Indoor Rower

The Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment comes with two hydraulic pistons which represent a great solution when it comes to a lightweight design. Made for a full body workout it represents one of the hybrid designs on the list and can be a good option for many users looking to improve their fitness level at home.


  • Hydraulic pistons
  • LCD display
  • Easy to use


  • Not for advanced users

The hybrid rowing machine can be one of the solutions for your home if you want quick workouts. It is perfect for workouts which are not longer than one hour and it represents a great solution when it comes to a design which is easy to work with but which may require you more lateral space to keep rowing in a safe manner.


Choosing the Best Rowing Machine Under $700 proves to be a simple choice only if you know what to expect and which characteristics to consider for your needs. For example, some users don’t need pulse measurements while other only need this characteristic. But generally speaking, a smooth rowing experience is at the core of any great rower and this is why you need to look for a design that can support this, even with in the affordable segment.

The Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) is the best option for most home users as it manages to offer a balanced performance with good durability. With a backlit display, you can even ensure you train during the evening or early in the morning since it is easy to read. With a comfortable seat, you also get the right support which is essential for long workouts. This is where you have the possibility of maximizing its potential and train for longer than an hour while improving your skills and expecting better health benefits.

With 12 preset programs to choose from, you are in the position where you can enjoy a great functionality and a design which supports this type of variation. This is why you will love the smooth rowing experience which can be achieved with all of the programs. Even more, this ensures that you stay motivated on the long-term as you will have the functionality you need when it comes to the motivation to stay on track with training.

The rowing machine represents a good option when you train with purpose and this is why it can also be seen as a future-proof option. Even more, it represents  top solution for those who want to maximize their fitness level in the comfort of their own homes.

Best Rowing Machine Under $700 in 2018
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