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As a sport that involves a lot of lateral movement, sprints, stops and starts, tennis calls for shoes that will enhance your performance and let you make frequent, quick and short moves while you play. And when you shop for a pair of tennis shoes, it’s important to consider your playing style, the court surface type as well as your preferences.

The Best Tennis Shoes are generally more flat than other types of athletic shoes and they come with court surface-specific sole patterns. Unlike other types of shoes with thicker and softer heels, and cushioning, tennis shoes have more sturdy built and construction. Here, we’ll take a look at the factors that should come into play when you launch your hunt for the perfect pair of tennis shoes.

Best tennis shoes

Your Playing Styletennis shoes for men

Baseline players or those who, for the most part of the game, move along the court’s back line, would need shoes with highly durable soles to provide the necessary support for frequent lateral motion.

Serve-and-volley players or those who often charge the net would need shoes that provide medial arch support and have durable toecaps or reinforced toes as they frequently slide their back foot during service motion.

So depending on your playing style, you can narrow down your options and pick a pair that will better suit and serve your style. However, there are still other considerations so don’t run to the shoe store just yet.

tennis shoes for womenCourt Surface Type

Wearing tennis shoes that are appropriate for the type of court surface that you’re playing on will let you move with greater ease, efficiency, and confidence.

Hard court surfaces such as those made with concrete would require tennis shoes that are highly durable, have tougher outsole and more shoe upper support. Outsoles and uppers designed for hard court surfaces are usually made of leather or vinyl. If you frequently play on hard courts, make sure also to check your shoes for damages and to replace them as shoes reviews

On the other hand, soft or clay courts would require shoes with non-damaging traction. You may also opt for tennis shoes designed for multi-court so you can play on various surfaces and switch from hard court to soft court without having to change your shoes.

Your Foot Typebest tennis shoes for women

If you have low or collapsed arches and your feet tend to overpronate, you may use stability shoes. If you have neutral foot type, you’d do well in practically any type of tennis shoes. If you have high arches and your feet tend to underpronate or exhibit supination, you may go for shoes with adequate cushioning and shock-absorption capacity.

Apart from your playing style, court surface type, and your foot type, other things to consider are comfort, durability guarantee, softening up the shoes as well as their aesthetic quality. Now that you know the basic things that you ought to look for in order to find the best tennis shoes for you, you can go and start playing the shopping game.

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