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Doctors and many health conscious people say that occasional workouts in between working hours is good for your health. It helps to enhance blood circulation in your body and also boost your concentration levels. As a result of this, you will find several multinational companies with treadmills, elliptical machines, spin bikes, and small gyms in their office premises. Do you also have a treadmill in your office? In that case, you must be aware of the irritating vibrations of the floor and the thudding noises of heavy footsteps on the machine when a colleague exercises in office on the machine. If you setup a good quality treadmill mat, then such noises and vibrations will be lessened dramatically.

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Importance of Treadmill Matstreadmill floor mat

The best treadmill mat has several useful importance. Some of these have been mentioned here under.

  1. Avoid Floor Damage: If you use your treadmill at the same spot in a room, you will notice minor damages taking place on the floor. If you ignore this then it may get serious with time. The best way to avoid such damages is to use good quality treadmill mats. These help a lot in preventing floor damages.
  2. Reduce Vibrations: When someone runs or jogs on a treadmill, you will invariably feel the vibrations event at a distance. The top treadmill floor mat also helps to reduce vibrations to a great extent and provides peace to the other people in the same room.
  3. Reduce Unwanted Noise: When your colleague uses the treadmill at your office, it gives rise to unwanted noise. This may be very disturbing to others. A mat for treadmill also helps in such situations. These products absorb the unwanted noises and help spread peace even when someone uses the office treadmill while other work.
  4. Extend The Life Of The Costly Components Of Your Machine: The vibrations caused by a treadmill may shorten the life of some of the expensive components of a treadmill. The best mat for under treadmill can also help to extend the life of all the expensive parts of a treadmill.
  5. Avoid Dirt And Dust Accumulation: It is needless to say that after prolonged usage, dirt and dust may accumulate in various movable parts of your treadmill. This may render the machine useless with time. If you use a top treadmill mat, it helps to avoid dirt and dust accumulation on the belt of the machine. This also prevents excess power consumption and reduces friction.

How to Choose the Right Treadmill Mat?best treadmill mat

When it comes to choose the best treadmill mat for your home gym, there are several factors to consider. If you choose to buy one blindly, it may not prove to be worthwhile after some time. If you are going to buy a treadmill mat for the first time, then you may not know about such factors. Here are some of them discussed for your knowledge.

  1. Check the Size: Most of the rubber treadmill mats are designed especially for machines which are used in gyms. These are usually bigger in size than the ones used at homes or offices. If you buy a bigger mat, then it may look ugly on the office floor and also prove to be a trip hazard for the office staffs and clients. This is why always measure the size of the treadmill in office before you go out to buy a suitable treadmill mat for the machine.
  2. Choose A Thick Mat: Most of the time you will come across treadmill mats which are too thin. If you decide to buy a mat which is either 2 mm or 4 mm thick, then better refrain yourself from buying it. Such thin mats will not serve the purpose of a good shock absorber. Always choose a mat which is at least 6 mm thick so that it can easily act as a good shock absorber and also prevent damage to the floor. Such thick mats will also easily absorb the noise from using the treadmill.
  3. Check the Material: Usually treadmill mats are made out of PVC or vinyl. Do not make the mistake of buying such a mat. These do not last long and are also harmful for the environment around you. Always choose a treadmill mat made out of 100% rubber. These are costlier than others. However, these have several benefits over other type of mats and also last for a long time.
  4. Compatibility: Choosing any treadmill mat may not suffice, since these may not be compatible with the machine at your office. Usually standalone machines are compatible with most of the good quality treadmill mats.

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Where to Buy One?

Treadmill mats are easily available at any good and reputed store, which sells sports items and exercise machines. If you are too busy to shop from such a store, you may also shop online. Several reliable and reputed online store sell such products. Online shopping will also help you get products at a competitive price and also come with several other benefits. However, when you purchase such a mat online, better compare different products based on their prices and qualities. Always choose the best one, since it is for your office treadmill.

Sometimes you may think that you need further help to decide which type of mat to buy and from which store. In such matters you may either discuss with your gym trainer or do some homework online. Always take your time in buying such a product. A bad quality mat will not just damage your machine, it will also damage your office flooring. You may feel that buying a thin treadmill mat will be a good option for a few days. However, buying mats often will only result in a waste of money and time. The best option it to invest in a good quality mat made out of rubber so that you do not have to buy mats every now and then. Take your time and then shop so that you get the best product at your first instance.

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