best weightlifting shoes under 100Best Weightlifting Shoes Under $100 for 2018

When going to the gym just like in any other activity that requires proper gear, you need to be dressed up for the part. This means not only the right clothes but the right pair of shoes as well. Weight lifting shoes go a long way towards helping you reach your fitness goals.

From giving you the right support during heavy lifting to preventing the risk of injury, before we look at the Best Weightlifting Shoes Under 100, lest consider a few factors to keep in mind when looking for weight lifting shoes.

What Are The Main Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes?

There are 3 main advantages of using weightlifting shoes. One is that they provide a solid heel. Unlike cushioned shoes which will absorb impact, the weightlifting shoes ensure that all the energy applied is directed to the weight.

The second reason is that weightlifting shoes allows your shoulders to move forward. This results in the right kind of relationship between the body’s dynamics and the weight.

Also the straps keep your feet tight and secure. You will not slide laterally and your balance and stability remains intact. All this will prevent you from getting injuries.

Which Is the Best Shoe for Weightlifting?weightlifting shoes under 100

This all comes down to the individual’s unique preference. There are many different factors that make for the best weightlifting shoes. These include the height of the heel, the type of heel, the type of strap system, and the type of lacing. These will all be variable with different models.

Height of the Heel

Before setting out to buy a weightlifting shoe, considering the height of the heel is of paramount importance. This is because it determines how comfortable the shoe feels when lifting weights. The average heel size is 0.75 inches. However some shoes come with a 1 inch heel while others may be as low as 0.6 inches.

If you are tall, the higher the heel the better it is for you due to lower extremities.

Type of Strap System

Some weightlifting shoes have a single strap located at the upper part close to the tongue while others have two straps. The main purpose of the straps is to provide much needed support. This is due to the mobility of the ankles during a squat.

Some shoes will also feature a midfoot strap. These are located in the middle of the tongue. If you are looking to maximum security, then double straps will be the best for you.

Type of Heel

There are three main types of materials that are used in the construction of weightlifting shoe heels. These are plastic, wood or leather. By far the most popular type of heel is one made form plastic. It provides you with a solid hard surface to stand on which is what you need when lifting heavy weights.

While wood is not as durable as plastic, it is the common preference among olympic lifters. This is because they claim to be able to feel the floor better. Leather heels have similarities with wood heels and are also not as durable as their plastic counterparts.

Type of Lacing

Weightlifting shoes mainly have the same lace design as normal types of shoes. These are pretty much like tennis or cross training shoes.

There are varied types of lifting exercises which will also demand shoes with specific characteristics. Whether it’s doing squats, deadlifts or powerlifting, you need to have the right gear on your feet. Let’s take a look at these exercises in more detail to find the right shoes for your feet.

Best Shoes for Doing Squatsbest weightlifting shoes under 100 dollars

Amongst the most popular reasons behind the wearing of weightlifting shoes is when doing your squats. You need a hard bottom surface that does not absorb some of the pressure you apply. With these shoes, you are able to direct all the energy towards your squats in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Shoes that have a raised heel allow you to gain optimum depth all while being comfortable on your feet. The right shoes will stop you from getting knee injuries as a result of caving in during squats. They also prevent leaning forward allowing your body to get used to the squatting mechanics. This ultimately results in fewer injuries.

Best Shoes for Deadlifts

When it comes to doing deadlifts, most weightlifters prefer flat shoes. This is because a raised heel will cause an increase in motion resulting in your upper body leaning forward which in turn causes instability.

The forward leaning will cause more strain on the front of your feet resulting in less power, a loss in balance and a less than ideal grounding.

Using a lower heel will provide ankle support. As a rule of thumb, the right shoes for dead lift will depend on the personal preference of the lifter as well as the model that best replicates the lifting motion and mechanics.

Best Shoes for Powerlifters

This will mainly be determined by the lifters style of squatting. Consider using a low-bar squat. You will obviously need more hinge on your hips. You will find that a low set heel will serve you better than if you were using a high-bar squat. In such a case you will mostly prefer high-set heel as this gives you better posture.

When doing powerlifts, you will also need to focus on the security of the shoe. You will find that a shoe that has a strap set higher up on the tongue best provides support for the ankles.

Best Shoes for Crossfit Training

These types of shoes come with a combination of features that complement crossfit training.  They are mainly characterized by a low to medium heel height. Versatility is needed due to athletes performing both powerlifting and Olympic style weightlifting.

Since you are performing different sets of movements, it’s important to have the type of shoe that provides ample security. While a shoe that has a single strap will do well, it is preferable to pick one with double straps. This will provide the best security for your feet.

With the right type of information at your fingertips, it’s now time to look into the best weighlifting shoes under $100. Let’s get into it now.

Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 Cross Trainertop rated weight lifting shoes under $100

If you are looking for a great partner to help you achieve your lifting goals, then look no further than the Adidas men’s powerlift 3.1 cross trainer. Constructed form synthetic upper, you have durability but most importantly comfort all while maximizing on ankle support.

Breathability can be counted on with this shoe. This is thanks to the mesh design that runs the entire length. You also get a dense mid sole wedge for maximum stability. The shoe also features a wide strap and provides a wide fit for total security when doing your lifts.

Product Features

  • A wide design provides for a comfortable fit
  • ADIWEAR outsole give you the traction you need to keep on your feet and prevent slipping
  • These shoes have a light weight construction thanks to the synthetic upper
  • Lining tongue and air mesh color provides ample breathability to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable during your lifts.
  • Maximum stability thanks to the midsole wedge
  • Maximum security courtesy of the wide strap.


  • Well fitting shoes
  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Flexible shoes
  • Great value for your money
  • High quality construction


  • They are a bit too tight around the toes.

Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting Shoesbest rated weight lifting shoe under 100 dollars

If you need a shoe with a strong base that is designed with the needs of weightlifters in mind, then the Adidas men’s adipower weightlifting shoes certainly fit the bill. While at the gym, you can easily stabilize your legs and feet while the strap provides you with optimum security.

A specially designed VentFlow outsole enables you to always have dry and cool feet by maximizing on breathability. You also get durability and traction thanks to the ADIWEAR outsole.

Product Features

  • An injected polymer upper construction ensures the shoe remains lightweight on your feet.
  • For maximum security and lockdown fit, the shoes come with a single instep strap.
  • To help you stay cool and comfortable, there are perforations along the upper.
  • Stable and sturdy chassis for weightlifting
  • ADIWEAR outsole for maximum traction and durability
  • Midfoot support and stability thank s to the TORSION SYSTEM.


  • Lightweight on your feet
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Provides ample lockdown thanks to the single strap
  • Great fitting shoes
  • They come true to the size on the chart
  • Great value for you money


  • They may not be very durable and shows signs of wear after a few months of use
  • They may be a bit too narrow for people with wide feet

Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3 Cross-trainer Shoebest olympic weightlifting shoes under 100

For those who need a shoe that provides maximum balance and support, the Adidas performance men’s Powerlift 3 Cross-trainer shoe will give you great service courtesy of its wide design. You get both laces and a tight fitting strap to give you that much needed security around your ankles.

With a rubber outsole for ample grip, you will never have to worry about slipping and hurting yourself while lifting weights. You can finally watch yourself reach your fitness goals thank to this carefully crafted weightlifting shoe from Adidas.

Product Features

  • Constructed from a synthetic upper that maximizes on breathability for a cool and comfortable shoe
  • A lace closing system with a single wide strap for lock down fit
  • Extra wide design to distribute pressure
  • A dense die-cut midsole provides the stability you need
  • Anti slip outsole made from high quality rubber provides optimum traction


  • Excellent for crossfit training
  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Fits great
  • Great value for money
  • Provides a sturdy and solid support


  • May not last for very long and tend to come off after a few months of use
  • May be too narrow for people with wide feet

Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoebest weightlifing shoes under $100

Whether you are doing snatch, deadlifts or doing box jumps, the Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer shoes are a great choice. They come with a reinforced leather toe for maximum durability. With the hook-and-loop closure system, you can enjoy ample support and stability while doing your reps.

To keep your feet comfortable, these shoes have an internal wrap that is heat activated to mould to the shape of your feet. You no longer need breaking time as these will fit fit snuggly and perfectly around your feet.

Product Features

  • Optimum durability thanks to the leather toe
  • An internal heat activated foam makes the shoes comfortable to wear
  • The shoe also features an anti-friction lining
  • Sturdy platform for maximum stability


  • First perfectly around your feet
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Provides optimum stability when weightlifting
  • Great value for money


  • The foot size chart may not be accurate
  • They may be too small and narrow for some people

Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoe

This shoe was worn by the champions of the Reebok CrossFit games in 2011 and 2012. Featuring a leather toe, semi rigid flex and nylon midfoot strap, it will suit you just fine whether deadlifting, doing squats or box jumping.

Product Features

  • This shoe fits well and requires no break in
  • Optimizes on durability thanks to the leather toe
  • Great foot lock down and security courtesy of the mid foot strap
  • U-form heat activated design molds to the shape of your feet providing excellent support
  • TPU heel wedge for stability
  • Good grip and traction with the outsole made from carbon fiber.
  • Polyurethane sockliner for added comfort and support.


  • Provides ample support
  • High quality construction
  • Great value for your money
  • Comfortable around your feet


  • The upper may be too tight around your instep


In my opinion the Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 Cross Trainer (SEE BEST PRICE HERE) is the best weightlifting shoe under $100. This is because this shoe comes with the best of what you need in proper, well-performing Weightlifting Shoes Under 100.

From a sturdy base and heel, to the optimization of breathability through the perforated sides, lightweight synthetic upper design and comfortable fit, you are sure to get your money’s worth all for under $100.

You also get excellent ankle support and grip with the ADIWEAR outsole and a wide strap for ample lockdown.

Best Weightlifting Shoes Under $100 in 2018
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