Brain foods that help one to concentrate

It has been proven that foods and the dietary supplements can not only sharpen the focus of the human brain but can also enhance the span of attention, memory and the functioning of the brain. One cannot deny the fact that while one gets aged, the body equally gets aged but by adding the “smart” foods along with the drinks to one’s diet, one can actually improve the chances of having a healthy brain.

Being more alert with caffeine

Caffeine helps one to gain energy and have great concentration. It has the properties of waking up a person by cutting down the drowsiness although the effects of caffeine last for a short span of time. It is mainly found in chocolate, coffee, in some of the medications and in the energy drinks. Overdose of caffeine can make one uncomfortable.

Enhance the alertness with sugar

The preferred source of fuel for the brain is sugar in the form of glucose which the body processes from the carbs and sugars one intake. This is the reason why a glass of any sweet drink offers a boost to thinking, memory and mental ability for a short span of time. But at the same time it should also be noted that the sugar intake should be in a controlled manner so that it does not increase one’s weight.

Eating breakfast fuels the brain

Most of the people have a tendency to skip breakfast but the researches have proved that eating breakfast not only improves attention but also the short term memory. Students who have breakfast regularly tend to perform better than the ones who do not. The lists of the foods that fuel the brain are dairy products, whole grains with high fiber and also fruits. Overeating should be avoided as the studies have revealed that breakfasts with high calorie hinders the concentration of an individual.

Fish – a major brain food

Fish is a major source of protein and it boosts up the brain as the omega – 3 fatty acids present in fish play key roles for maintaining a healthy brain. These healthy fats boost up brain in an amazing manner. A diet with higher levels of fish has lower risks of dementia and stroke. It also slower the mental decline and enhances memory especially as one gets older. Two servings of fish every week is a must for a healthy heart and brain.

Add a dose of chocolate and nuts to the daily diet

Seeds and nuts are known to have the antioxidants and vitamin E which lessens the cognitive decline with age. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, dark chocolate is also a natural stimulant and enhances focus.

Eat whole grains and avocados

A proper flow of blood is extremely important for the heart and brain. A diet which is rich in avocados and whole grains reduces the risk of heart disease and also lowers the bad cholesterol. They enhance the flow of blood which is a simple way to fire up the brain cells. Whole grains like wheat and popcorn also has vitamin E and dietary fiber.

Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate
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