Burn Away Excess Calories with the Harvil Rowing Machine


Burn Away Excess Calories with the Harvil Rowing Machine

When you exercise, either at the gym or at home, it is very important that you engage in a full body workout. This will help you get better and faster results. Most of the time, it is seen that people prefer to exercise their upper bodies in order to look fit and strong. However, in the process they often neglect their legs, which makes the lower body very weak. In order to get a well-balanced body, you need to opt for a full body exercise routine. One of the best workout machines which can provide you with such exercises is the rowing machine. Exercising on the rower will work out most of the major groups of muscles in your body giving you a well-toned and healthy body.

Harvil Rowing Machine: Features

Shopping for a suitable rowing machine for your personal use at home will leave you with plenty of options. It is true that costly models will always catch your attention with their several features and great appearance. However, there are several pocket-friendly ones which are equally effective when it comes to results. One of the most popular models in the rowing machine category is the Harvil Rowing Machine. It comes with several features, some of which have been discussed below.

  • The Harvil Rowing Machine is made with a steel frame that makes it extremely durable. The weight of the machine 34 pounds and it can easily withstand a maximum user weight of 265 pounds.
  • On different days you may feel like performing the same set of exercises at a different level of intensity. This is easily possible on the Harvil Rowing Machine. You can easily customize your workout by adjusting the tension with the help of a knob.
  • The Harvil Rowing Machine comes with a LCD monitor which displays various essential data pertaining to your workout such as calories burned, row count, and time. It also features a scan mode which helps you scroll through several workout metrics at a time gap of 6 seconds.
  • The workout machine itself is designed in an ergonomic design with a molded seat that glides very smoothly. The footplates come with safety straps that provide better safety during your rowing exercises. It is big enough to accommodate different sizes of feet.
  • The arms of the rowing machine can be easily folded to help you store it away out of sight when not in use.

This hydraulic rowing machine is one of a kind and is suitable for every user. It is highly affordable and comes with features that help you get rid of excess fat from your body with ease. When you start using a rowing machine for the first time in your life, it is very important that you try and find out the way it is supposed to be used. If possible, try using it at a local gym or under the strict supervision of a trainer. There is a specific seating position and you also need to keep an eye on the pace of your rowing. It should not be too fast or too slow.

Burn Away Excess Calories with the Harvil Rowing Machine
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