DIGOO Smart Body Fat Scale Review

The DIGOO Smart Body Fat Scale comes with a distinctive design. The scale also offers a complete range of body fitness readings which include body fat, muscle mass, water levels, BMI, BMR, bone mass or visceral fat. In this segment, the scale offers everything you need to monitor the essential indicators of fitness and can be a great tool to help you achieve a healthier body. In terms of connectivity technology, you’ll be able to transfer data to your smartphone using Bluetooth. The scale also differentiates itself with the compact design.


  • Compact design
  • Multiple body fitness measurements
  • Bluetooth technology


  • No Wi-Fi


The scale performs well in terms of offering complete readings. It uses a low-intensity current to measure different body characteristics which are then displayed on the scale. These readings can also be synchronized with a modern smartphone which can help you keep track of all your essential fitness indicators.

The scale is capable of measuring weight and body fat. One of the main characteristics of such scales is the ability to indicate your overall body fat. Excess fat has been associated with many health conditions, many of them of cardiovascular nature. This is why the scale represents a good choice if you plan to reduce your body fat and keep track with a modern device. But the scale will also work for other types of measurements which although are not as popular, they can still offer a better understanding on the overall fitness of the body. These readings will work well in the situations where you will want to monitor muscle mass or bone density. Both readings will play an increasing role as you lose body fat and go through an physical exercise routine.


The design of the scale will quickly set it apparat from the alternatives on the market. It comes with a compact design with rounded edges which will work to your advantage in terms of storage. You can thus keep it away to save space in your home. But the design of the scale also comes with a modern and minimalistic approach which can represent a good option for a modern home. The scale will work with weights of up to 400lbs and can thus present a good option for the whole family.

The DIGOO Smart Body Fat Scale represents one of the most interesting options in terms of affordability. The scale comes with battery-saving functions which will power it up when you step on it and which will turn it off when unused for 5 seconds. With Bluetooth connectivity, the scale can be a good option for a large number of readings including BMI and BMR. One of the interesting options users can have is to also measure other fitness indicatives apart from body fat which can include muscle mass or bone mass. With good battery performance settings and a compact design, the scale can represent a great first-time purchase for most users.

DIGOO Smart Body Fat Scale Review
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