Can Bananas Make You Fat?

There is a myth that has been flying around the internet and this time bananas are on the receiving end. It states that these good ol’ fruits can actually make you fat. Is there truth in this, Do Bananas Make You Fat? Well let me say that this categorically. Bananas do not make you fat.

So worry not. If you enjoy having a banana for breakfast, please carry on without any guilt in your conscience whatsoever. Where did this idea come from? Well that’s what we are here to find out by looking into the qualities of this fruit in greater detail.

Bananas and Carbs

This relating of bananas with carbs is what brought about the idea that the fruits can actually make you fat. The carbs are from the natural sugars and starch that are contained in bananas. What you need to understand is that processed sugar is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and consequently results in high sugar levels.

On the other hand, the sugar in bananas is unprocessed and natural. This doesn’t easily get absorbed meaning that your blood sugar levels remain at relatively healthy levels. What’s more, the sugar in bananas is fructose which is converted into glucose which is then turned into an energy source helping your body get the fuel it requires.

The calories contained in regular sized bananas range from between 90 to 140. Compared to most other foods, this is way less and is not nearly enough to get you fat.

So Why Do You Get Fat?

Adding weight is as a result of many factors. Genes will also determine the rate at which you add weight. However, the main way people put on bulk is by eating more calories than the body uses. The extra energy is stored as fat and as a result you gain weight.

To avoid processed foods and eat more natural sugars and carbs such guessed it bananas! These will mean that all the nutrients will be used by the body; compared to processed foods where some nutrients end up getting killed.

Bananas and Nutrients

As we saw above bananas come packed with natural sugars. This makes them an excellent choice before your workout or right before you start your day. They give the body the necessary boost needed to function properly.

They also have natural fibers that help to boost your digestion and are way more efficient at this compared to the fibers found in cereals.

Bananas are also a great source for potassium, perhaps the easiest source. You would be shocked at what you are missing out on by lacking enough potassium in your diet. For starters, it helps to ensure proper muscle and nerve function as well as aiding the heart in working well.

By consuming regularly, you also get amazing and healthy looking hair, skin and nails.

Speaking of the Skin

Bananas also come with other nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. This helps to prevents wrinkles from developing on the skin.

Not only that but you still get the B vitamins as well as iron both of which contribute towards a healthier looking you.

Bananas Will Help You Lose Weight

Yes. You heard me! The starch contained in bananas is digestion resistant. This means that it will pass through your body and come out the other end without really doing much. While the other nutrients such as sugar and minerals such as potassium are absorbed into the body.

When you eat bananas you don’t get soluble starch found in cereals. You feel full because of course the space in your tummy is filled up. The starch is not absorbed so no extra calories are absorbed.

Now you are likely thinking that you can get away with eating bananas the whole day now because we’ve agreed that they can help you lose weight. But here is the thing, eating a whole lot of them will invariably raise your daily calorie intake. What this means is that you will end up adding weight as your total calories consumed has risen.

The best thing to do is to eat just a few bananas every day but never too many. Two will do just fine and will provide your body with the energy it needs.

Glycemic Index

This refers to the rate at which different foods raise the blood sugar levels. Anything below 55 is said to contain low GI or Glycemic index. While 70 is considered high. Between 56 and 69 is medium.

Consuming foods with high GI results in weight gain as well as other health concerns such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Depending on how ripe the fruit is bananas have a GI of 42-62.

Other benefits of consuming bananas include:

When You Want to Work Out

If you want to quickly top up your energy reserves for that weight training, then bananas are the quickest way to go. The sugars will be converted into glucose as we saw earlier which will then be stored in your cells.

If you ate more bananas than you actually need then the extra glucose will be stored in the liver. This will later be released slowly helping to provide you with the energy your body needs.

Boosting Your Mood

Ever tried making a banana a regular morning snack and saw what happened? Your mood is always uplifted. This is because of a special compound called tryptophan. It raises your moods and makes you feel happier.

Chop up the banana into slices and put them in your yoghurt. Add some oats perhaps and enjoy in every sense of the word.

Late Night Snack

Do you have trouble sleeping? Try munching on a banana an hour or so before going to bed and it shouldn’t be so hard. This is thanks to the chemical melatonin which helps to put you into a sleepy mood in the evening.


We can now agree that bananas are an important part of our diet. They provide potassium and give us healthy looking skin and hair. They also allow our hearts and muscles to function properly thanks to an improved nervous system.  So, Will Bananas Make Me Fat?  The answer is no.

If you have been going shopping and over looking picking up bananas, now is the time to make things right and pack a bunch.

Do Bananas Make You Fat?
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