Eat berries to prevent weight gain

Obesity is a major problem nowadays and besides affecting the younger ones it generally seen to spread among the people who have just crossed the age of 40 as the metabolism of the body slows down with the increase of age. The capacity of the body to burn the fat decreases and its ability to stay fit also decreases. Some people seek shelter to food and alcohol in this stressful condition which get reflected in their waistline.

Flavonoids and changes in weight

Study and detailed research has been able to find out that people who ate foods that are rich in flavonoids maintained their body and weight in a better manner and have even lost a few kilos. Flavonoids are mostly found in plants and are the natural components of the same. They are responsible for the communication between the different cells of the plants and also play an important role in pollination by attracting the bees and the butterflies. Some of the foods that have a high content of flavonoid are bananas, grapes, strawberries, prunes, onions, pears, green tea, pepper, wine and chocolate. Flavonoids help the human body to prevent the unwanted gain in the body weight.

Berries – rich in Flavonoids are proved to be the best

Different types of flavonoids are found in different foods. In relation to the gain of weight, the flavonoids which is proved to be the best according to the results is anthocyanin which is found in blackberries, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, blackcurrants and radishes. Promising results are also shown by the polymers of flavonoids which are found in green tea and apple like the flavonoids which are generally found in onions and tea. Berries also help the human body to fight against many of the life – threatening diseases.

Extremely effective for the middle aged people

The ones who are looking to lose weight in a faster manner will not get impressed by the result. Nevertheless, it has been proved to be extremely promising for the ones who are in the dread of the middle age. The outstanding news for them is that only by eating a handful of their favorite berries will help them in maintaining their weight all throughout their age of 40s.

Importance of having fruits and flavonoids

Today it is a known fact that most of the Americans do not eat two cups of vegetables or one cup of fruit on a daily basis. The researchers have been able to encourage the people to eat more and more fruit by announcing the fact of the blueberries and the role they play in weight loss. Besides being able to maintain the correct body weight, the consumption of the flavonoids also keeps the body fit as it has got potential benefits for health. It is known to increase the energy of the body and hence decreases the absorption of fat in the body. It also works as an effective anti-inflammatory. It decreases the risk of some cancers and is a good support for the cardio – vascular system and the nervous system.

Eat berries to prevent weight gain
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