Eqoba Body Fat Scale – A Great Source of Motivation to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

A little bit of motivation can work like magic in your life. Whether you work in a firm or workout every day to get back in shape, motivations can help you achieve your goals very easily. When it comes to your work life, motivations can be in the form of praises by your boss or a rise in the salary or a promotion. However, when it comes to the world of fitness, the only form of motivation which can boost your morale and help you go ahead with pursuing your goals is regular results of your hard work. This is possible with the help of a body fat scale like the Eqoba Scale. This scale can give you detailed analysis of your body and tell you how far you need to go.

Eqoba Body Fat Scale – Features

Take a look at some of the stores in town and you will find a variety of body fat scales. Although these scales work in almost a similar manner, there will be minor features which will differentiate them from each other. If you are serious about your fitness goals, then something like the Eqoba Body Fat Scale will be a great investment for you.

  1. One of the primary features of the Eqoba Body Fat Scale is its ability to measure up to 8 different body composition metrics. These include your BMI, body water content, BMR, visceral fat, body weight, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, and muscle mass. All these information combined can tell you where you stand in terms of fitness level.
  2. The most attractive thing about the Eqoba Body Fat Scale is that it comes with 4 different sensors. These precision sensors provide almost an accuracy level of 99% with its readings.
  3. Do you wish to store your data to compare at a later date? Well, this is possible with the Eqoba Body Fat Scale. It comes with Bluetooth technology which can be used to pair the machine with your smartphone. Transfer all your data to your phone and use it as a reference when you feel like it.
  4. The Eqoba Body Fat Scale is extremely safe for users. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 150kgs and it happens to be high enough to allow even a very fat person to stand on it.
  5. You can easily use the same Eqoba Body Fat Scale for your entire family. It can accommodate a maximum of 8 different users and you can transfer the data of every user to your phone.

These are just a few of the several features of the Eqoba Body Fat Scale. If you are planning to buy a body fat scale for your personal use, better take some and compare a few good scales to choose the right one as per your budget and needs. The benefits you get upon using such a scale will help you get a clear idea about the actual fitness level of your body. It is a simple way to get motivated.

Eqoba Body Fat Scale Review
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