everlast everhide speed bag reviewEverlast Everhide Speed Bag Review

The Everlast Everhide Speed Bag comes with a patented construction. The lightweight speed bag comes from a popular manufacturer which uses some unique and interesting technologies to produce some of the most recognized sporting goods. This is also true for the Elite leather speed bag which uses the unique Everhide construction.


  • Patented design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Accurate rebounds
  • Everhide construction

everlast everhide speed bag reviews


  • Seems might need improving

everlast everhide speedbag reviewOverview

The speed bag has the potential of improving your hand-eyes coordination. This is why its performance is considered above average. The good news is that you will also work other muscles groups with it and they include the muscles of the arms like biceps and triceps but also the back muscles.

So how do you work the speed back? For the best results, you can use one hand at a time. You will punch the speed bag 2 or 3 times before switching to the other hand. An important element comes with the rhythm of the punching which can increase towards the end of the workout. While you can start with 2 punches you can finish with multiple punches with one hand or faster alternating punches which will raise your heart rate.

Together with the bag, you will also need to already have (or also order) a speed bag platform. The platform is very large, measuring 24 inches and this means you’ll have the possibility of working closely with top performance. The thick platform represents one of the best options for improved performance but it also works with any environment since it comes with a natural wooden look.

Together with the platform, you will also need to order a pair of hand gloves and a pair of hand wraps. These can represent a good training option and they will also protect your hands while being light enough to maintain a good training rhythm. At the rhythm is everything, you will need to ensure the gloves fit perfectly. Some users find their hands don`t fit the gloves and this is why you should try to purchase a separate pair of gloves in case you need an improved fit.

everlast everhide speedbag reviews

You will also receive a jump rope which can get you started with the elevated heart rate. This plays an essential role in the workout warm up but it can also represent a good workout by itself. Jump rope can be a good fat burning workout and you can combine it with the speed bag training to maintain an elevated heart rate throughout the workout. This means you`ll have the opportunity of improving your cardiovascular health as well.

The Everlast Everhide Speed Bag comes with a 120-day warranty. This should be enough to get you started using the bag but it may not be the best warranty for the professional user. This is why the bag is recommended for new or advanced users. But at the same time, it is one of the recommended options for home use which implies the bag doesn`t get as much use as with a commercial environment.

Everlast Everhide Speed Bag Review
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