The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower

Not until the final year of my college, I decided to try the fitness rower out in my college gym. In a matter of few minutes, I had worked up a sweat and felt great. I would have been in much better shape today if I had learned from that experience and bought a fitness rower a long time ago. All is not lost; I hope to get back in shape pretty quickly with the help of the First Degree PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower.

Points to Ponder before Buying the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower

Recreational rowers, fitness beginners, and people who want to do cardio to lose weight and strengthen their heart and lungs will find the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower to their liking. This rowing machine is compact, easy to use, and affordable. It’s ideally suited for home rowers.

What are the essential qualities that an ideal home rower should possess? Fitness rowers come in all sizes and costs, so before buying, you need to be clear on the price range, the size (which depends on the space available for storage), the type of rower that best suits your requirements, and finally the durability and maintenance of the machine.

Introducing the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower   

The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower is a fitness rowing machine suited for everyday use. If you’re looking for a home rower that can offer a complete workout, then check out the fluid rower from First Degree Fitness. The machine places no restrictions; everyone in the family can use it for low-intensity workouts.

There are no resistant settings on the machine; instead, the Fluid Resistant Technology and the Dual Chamber Tank offer a broad range of fluid resistance levels. You stay in total control of the resistance levels.

Some rowing machines are either too easy to row or too difficult. The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenger AR delivers smooth strokes without the jerks and ‘stop n start’ motion that’s common to most other machines. You’ll have an enjoyable time exercising on this machine.



  • Smooth, realistic rowing experience
  • Easy to put together and easy to store
  • Comes with easy caster wheels
  • Your rowing intensity determines the resistance. The home rower comes with an adjustable water tank.
  • Very comfortable footboard
  • The monitor tracks and displays 8 parameters


  • Not so comfortable seat
  • Trouble buying certain replacement parts
  • Monitor lack a few advanced features

Features and Benefits

Fluid Resistance Technology: The four levels of this unique technology offers easy and effective resistance change from the minimum to maximum with just a rotation of the dial.

Tank and Blade Impeller: You won’t experience any jerks during the rowing motion. The baffled tank and triple bladed impeller ensure you experience consistent resistance every time you row.

Pulley System: The advanced pulley system adds to the resistance even as it maintains consistent recoil action and tension.

Monitor: Multi-functional monitor comes with a USB port. The monitor tracks and displays the following: distance, time, 500m split time, calories per hour, strokes per minute, heart rate, interval training, and watts.

Handle: The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Water Rowing Machine comes with a belt that’s durable, smooth, and safe to use.

Seat: The super soft and comfy seat sits on top of low friction Delrin seat roller with the precision bearing sandwiched between the two. The seat movement along the track is safe, smooth, and comfortable.

Footboard: To prevent your foot from slipping during the workout, the machine comes with slip-proof straps. Furthermore, you can change the height of the footplates as per your requirements.

Final Thoughts

The First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower shows that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to use a fitness rower. The Variable Fluid Resistance Technology allows you to decide the level of resistance. The comfortable seat, adjustable footboard, and smooth handle belt make the FDF, in my opinion, an ideal home rower.

First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge AR Fluid Rower Review
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