Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale Review

The Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale represents an affordable up to date choice for your main body indicators. The scale is capable of measuring body water, muscle mass, body fat, BMI, bone mass and even visceral fat. The scale is also up to date with the connectivity requirements. It connects to any smartphone through the Bluetooth technology. Even more, together with the scale, you will receive a smartwatch which can prove to be a great addition to measure your daily activity levels.


  • Modern design
  • LCD display
  • Measures a wide range of indicators
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Added smartwatch


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity


The performance of the scale recommends it among the best-equipped options in an affordable segment. The truth is that you will get readings on most of the essential body indicators. These include body water readings which might fluctuate especially as you grow older. The scale is also capable of making readings on muscles mass which can be a great indicator and needs to be balanced with body fat in order to get a healthy body.

Body fat readings are also made by the scale and the good news is that this feature can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. The scale also offers readings on bone mass which can be an issue for the elderly or people with intense physical activity. Another interesting feature comes with the visceral fat reading which can set the scale apart in this segment.


With a modern design, the scale can fit in any bathroom or room around the house. It is characterized by simple colors and an easy to read LCD display. The great news is that the modern scale also comes with a modern smartwatch. This can be another great addition and will help you keep track of your essential body indicators through the day. These indicators include the number of steps you take in a day and even heart rate readings. With Bluetooth connectivity, the scale will also be capable of connecting to any modern smartphone. With a stylish design and a modern smartwatch, the scale can offer an interesting experience in the segment.

The Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale is one of the most interesting options when you plan to use a modern design with complex readings. The truth is that it is difficult to find a better-equipped scale in this price range. And even without the Wi-Fi connectivity, it still offers a performance which is more than enough for most home users. It is also one of the few scales that offer a smartwatch as well. And this is how you will be able to monitor your basic indicators such as the number of steps in a day. If you are looking to lose weight, the scale can be one of the recommended options. It may also work for people who are generally interested in a healthy lifestyle as it comes with a wide range of readings.

Fit2Live Digital Smart Scale Review
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