The Fitbit Alta HR

For those who think the name, Fitbit Alta HR, seems familiar, here is a piece of news. The Fitbit Alta HR is the updated and more advanced version of the Fitbit Alta Tracker. Although the users of Alta were quite satisfied with the tracker, they wanted the gadget to have something extra – the heart rate monitor. Fitbit has heeded to their request and added heart rate and sleep tracker in the Fitbit Alta HR Tracker. In this article, let’s find out what makes the Fitbit Alta HR an interesting choice.

Introducing the Fitbit Alta HR Activity and Sleep Tracker

Design: The Fitbit Alta HR is the mirror image of its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta Tracker. The bracelet-like band has a rubberized body that feels comfortable on the wrist. Interestingly, this is the slimmest tracker device with heart rate monitor. The modular design of the gadget allows the user to remove the central tracker device and clip it on any wrist strap. To browse through the activity metrics you have to tap on the side or on the face of the gadget. Keep in mind that the Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t come with touchscreen; even though the makers claim the device has touchscreen display. Furthermore, the Alta HR comes with a railroad-style strap, instead of the snap-in system.

Activation: You don’t have to press a button to check the time, date, or activity data. Like the Fitbit Alta, the Alta HR tracker comes with a hands-free display activation mechanism. To activate the display screen you only have to rotate the wrist. The Alta HR Wristband doesn’t have any buttons. As mentioned above to browse the data you have to tap the display screen.

Fitbit App: The Fitbit App is an essential part of the Fitbit tracking system. The app gathers your physical activities and slumber information from the wristband and presents them in an easily understandable format. Furthermore, you also get to set goals and monitor its progress. The tracking gadget can be paired via Bluetooth with any Apple or Android device. To use the app, you’ll have to create an account and supply personal information such as gender, age, etc. The Fitbit Alta HR device tracks quite a few activity and sleep metrics. On the app, you get to choose the metrics that you want to display on the wristband’s screen.

Reminders, Caller ID, and Text Notification: Using the Fitbit app you can set alerts on the Alta HR Tracker. You can receive reminders, caller ID, and text notifications on the wristband. Although the tracker supports Facebook, SMS, and other messenger notifications, you can choose only one.

Activity and Sleep Tracking: The Fitbit Alta HR covers all the basics; it is capable of tracking the activity metrics such as the steps and distance covered, and calories burned during activities. The device also monitors your heart rate while resting and during the active period. Furthermore, the device can be set to give you a gentle reminder if you’re inactive for too long. The Alta HR tracker gives equal importance to both activity and sleep tracking. The sleep tracking function monitors and collects key data from the different sleep phases.


Pros Cons
Lightweight and comfortable No GPS mode
Activity and sleep tracking Lacks multi-sport tracking capabilities
Tracks different sleep phases Lacks many advanced features
Inactivity reminder
Caller ID, reminders, and text notifications
Heart rate monitor (resting and active period)
All day tracking
Excellent battery life (up to 7 days)


The Fitbit Alta HR
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