fitbit aria 2 reviewFitbit Aria 2 Review

When you are looking to get in shape, the Fitbit Aria 2 can be one of the smart scales which can offer you the advanced measurements you need. The scale can indicate your body fat percentage, weight and BMI to offer you a better perspective on your health and on your fitness efforts.

What to consider before purchasing the scale

Purchasing your first smart scale is an exciting time for your overall health. It will come as one of the main solutions for your body fat and it will be a handy tool to improve your fitness level. So what do you need to consider with a good scale?

Types of measurements

The types of measurements will determine the complexity of the scale. Thus, weight and body fat percentage are among the most common measurements you can do. But you will also be able to measure your BMI and even your bone or muscle mass. Advanced scales can also indicate the areas of your body which hold the largest percentage of fat.

Number of users

Smart scales will redefine the way you interact with your body’s measurements. This is why they can with multiple user support which can be a great addition for the whole family. It is not unusual to see scales which can recognize up to 6 users. The best part is that it will do this instantly when you actually step on it.

Designfitbit aria 2 smart scale review

One of the important characteristics of the scale comes with the design. Since most users will keep in in the bathroom, you can take the opportunity to find a scale which can fit the environment. The good news is that most scales come with a simple and modern design which can work in different environments.

Fitbit Aria 2 and its role in your health

The scale can represent one of the best solutions to integrate with your smartphone when it comes to your health. Most people seem to skip the main benefits of the scale and don’t see it beyond the point of making these basic measurements. But the truth is that synchronizing the results with your smartphone will mean that you have the ability to track your results in time. With easy to read charts, you will be able to see if you are going in the right direction when it comes to body fat or simply your overall health.

Top features of the Fitbit Aria 2

The Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi + Bluetooth Smart Scale is one of the modern options suited for most home users. When you are enthusiastic about your health and want to improve your fitness, its features will recommend it as a top alternative.

Wireless technologiesfitbit aria 2 wifi smart scale reviews

The Fibit Aria 2 Smart Scale comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. This means that your data will be easy to synchronize with your mobile devices such as a smartphone. It will also be one of the fastest solutions for this purpose. This is why from a future-proof perspective; it represents one of the best options to choose from. Furthermore, it will come with good encryption which will mean that your data will be safe.


Its design is modern and recommends it among the most beautiful options on the market. It can work in the bedroom, bathroom or even in the living room of a modern home. This means that it will also come with a design which is easy to use and which focuses on you rather than offering complicated configurations. With black and white options to choose from, it might be one of the best design additions to your home.

8 user profiles

Multiple user support is great with the scale. With up to 8 user profiles, the scale can be used by your whole family and this means that you will be able to work at a high standard when it comes to improving the health and the fitness level of the people around you.

Create a food plan

Data synchronization will create an archive that you can always go back to in order to track your progress. This will be the first step towards improving your fitness level. But the good news is that the dedicated app can also help you improve your food plan. This is the main area which will drive the composition of your body and the manufacturer knows this. Thus, you will be in a better position to maintain a fit body when you control the types of foods you consume daily.

What users say about the Fitbit Aria 2

Many users were expecting the new design of the smart scale and they now have the option to upgrade to the latest technologies. The BMI calculation proves to be an interesting option as it allows the users to get a custom measurement of their health. This complex calculation requires you to enter your personal details such as height and age together with the weight. This will give you the readings according to the general recommendations. The process is quite fast as it will send the information to your smartphone in seconds.

Fitbit Aria 2 vs. Nokia Body+

Nokia Body+ is a popular alternative which has been used by many health-conscious users. The scale will work to give similar measurements. Thus, it will also support up to 8 users and it will also come with a similar design. But the main difference is that the scale will also calculate your bone and muscle mass.

It can be thus said that the Fitbit Aria 2 will work great for most people while the Nokia Body+ will prove to be an alternative for those who go to the gym regularly or who practice a sport regularly. Since muscle mass indications are not as popular, the Fitbit smart scale remains the solution for most people.

The Fitbit Aria 2 is one of the handy solutions when you try to keep an eye on your overall health. With regular body fat measurements, you will know if your lifestyle suits your overall fitness goal and the best part is that it will also work for your entire family.

Fitbit Aria 2 Review
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