The Fitbit Zip

Five years is a long time in the electronic devices market, but the Fitbit Zip tracker seems to have bucked the trend and proved everyone wrong. Even after five years from the day of its launch, the Fitbit Zip activity tracker is still the favorite tracker of many fitness enthusiasts.

What makes the Fitbit Zip so popular? Why should you buy the Fitbit Zip when there are newer models available in the market? Let’s find answers to these questions and on the way learn a lot more about this wonder clip-on activity tracker.

Fitbit Zip – Activity tracker that has stood the test of time

Design and Accuracy: No, the Fitbit Zip isn’t a wristband like most other Fitbit trackers. This tracker has a clip-on design and can be attached to the belt, bra, pocket, or other parts of the apparel. The Fitbit Zip isn’t the most stylish device; it’s simple and compact, and it performs the basic tracking functions remarkably well. The Fitbit Zip is the favorite tracker of millions because of its accuracy. It can accurately track your steps, distance, calories, and various other metrics.

What It Is and What It Is Not: You won’t find advanced features that are commonly found in high-end activity trackers currently available in the market. The device doesn’t have notification alerts, stair climb tracking, sleep tracking, etc. Basically, the Fitbit Zip is an entry-level activity tracker with rudimentary tracking features. If you’re new to the world of activity and fitness tracking devices, then the Fitbit Zip is the best starting point. It provides all the necessary tracking tools to the beginners at an affordable price. The Zip gadget does more than just activity tracking. You can come up with friendly competitions where your performance can be matched with that of your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Users also get to track what they eat.

Fitbit App: To fully realize the potential of the Fitbit Zip tracker you need the Fitbit App. The tracker is equipped with Bluetooth, so that you can pair the gadget with any handheld device. The app allows you to set goals, track water consumption, and food intake, and also set and track group targets. The true power of the Fitbit Zip tracker lies in the diagrammatic representation of the collected data. The gadget tracks your activities and progress and presents them in easily understandable charts and graphs. This allows users to set short, medium, and long-term goals and track progress every step of the way. To make the fitness goals fun and competitive, the gadget provides features like Fitbit adventures, badges, and challenges.

Battery: The Fitbit Zip is powered by a coin battery that would last for about 5-6 months. Having a non-rechargeable battery is both boon and bane. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to recharge the device every few days; whereas, the bane is spending on battery every 6 months.


Pros Cons
Simple, but effective clip-on design No stair climb tracking and sleep tracking
Accurate tracking Entry-level tracker that lacks many advanced features
Fitbit Zip and Fitbit App make a powerful combination
Tracks various metrics and presents them in charts and graphs
Users can set goals and track progress
Water resistant
Powered by coin battery
Fitbit Zip Review
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