Geniux SmartPill Review

Geniux SmartPill is a natural supplement which helps you with memory and focus. The nootropic compounds supplement is taken with a single pill per day. Since there are not too many drugs which are known to improve cognition, there is an intense debate in the medical community on the actual effect. Nootrpic compounds have been defined over the last decades but there is still not sufficient evidence to support all the claims.

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The supplement is produced, most probably, by a third party laboratory which is abiding by FDA regulations. It promises to increase energy, focus and memory recall. Among the ingredients used in the manufacturing process we can find the following:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Tyrosine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A

So do these ingredients work? There are some studies which seem to analyze the effects of some of the listed ingredients in Geniux`s SmartPill.

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Bacopa Monnieri extract has many uses, traditionally for epilepsy and asthma. It is believed that the extract improves blood flow to the brain. There is limited evidence that supplementation with the plant extract can trigger cell regeneration in the brain on animals, if taken for a long period of time.


  • Major ingredients are being fully researched
  • Popular choice for nootropic supplements
  • Made under FDA regulation


  • Not all claims can be covered by evidence

Tyrosine is used to synthesize proteins into cells. What is interesting is that studies show that Tyrosine supplementation can have a positive effect on stress and fatigue. This happens through the reduction of the stress level.

Vinpocetine has been shown to increase dopamine. Some claims have the synthetically compound responsible for the increase in glucose levels.

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Huperzine A is a plant extract which inhibits an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Some claims have it responsible for slowing down heart rate, although evidence is not yet conclusive.

So what we know is these ingredients have the ability to improve memory and focus. But do they actually work well together? We know that these ingredients can, at least in animals, improve acetylcholine and glutamate production. They can also improve blood flow in the brain. Theoretically, this means that nutrients and oxygen can be delivered more quickly to the brain. This raises the capacity of absorption for quicker nutrients, which remains unclear. In theory, the supplement works by maximizing the capacity of the brain.

Many users are also wondering on the possible side effects of the supplement. Since these ingredients have been backed by some scientific evidence, they might be safe to consume. The only question remains is with their capacity to work together. Some side effects can occur in the form of mild headaches.

Who should take the supplement? The supplement should only be taken by adults. Pregnant women should also stay away from any form of supplementation without professional advice. As far as the nootropic supplement go, Geniux SmartPill seems to be among the most popular choices.  The effects may also vary from person to person.

Geniux SmartPill Review
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