Get Fit at Your Desk

Do you spend sitting at your desk for a long time? May be you are playing games or doing freelance or you have a desk bound job, you are most likely not moving as much as necessary. Everyone does not have time to stop their regular work and go for a workout for 2 hours, but that does not mean they should give up workout. One can remain fit while working at a desk for a long time. Below are some exercises that anybody can do.

  1. Tapping the Feet: You do not need to get up from your desk to do this exercise. Firstly, you need to place your feet on the floor and slowly start tapping them like you are running on the floor. You should increase the speed slowly, slowly. This exercise will help you to circulate blood better than before as well as boost up the rate of your heart.Pull Up Bars
  2. Squatting Before Sitting: A recent study shows that, persons who has obesity they sit 3 hours more per day than a fit person. Sitting for a long time, increase the possibility of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You can make the best use of the time while you are sitting on your desk by doing squats. To do this, you need to stand in front of your chair about one inch and at the same time you should hold your abdominals. Squat like you are going to sit on the chair, but your backside need to touch the chair, position back up and press the glutes.
  3. The Wall Sit: This exercise is not required to do regularly, you can do this once in a while. If there is a wall behind your desk, then you should lean your back on the wall and act as if you are sitting on a chair. Your feet have to be at a certain distance away from the wall, your buttocks have to be in the air. Remain in the same position as long as you can.
  4. Stretching the Shoulder: This is a good shoulder exercise. Firstly, lift up your shoulder upwards so that it seems like you are shrugging and keep there for a while. Release and do the same thing at least 20 times. There is another good exercise that you can try easily. Turn round back your shoulder and continue this until your shoulder blades are roughly stroking each other. Cling to 15/20 seconds, leave go off and do again.Pull Up Bars
  5. Take the Stairs, Walk: Except doing workouts you can do some other things to remain fit. While going somewhere, if it takes 15/20 minutes to reach your desired place do not take a bus. Go there on your foot. Even in office do not use the lift. Use stairs. Also, you can buy a bicycle and start riding on it. Thus, you can lose calorie easily.

You should check the above desk exercises to remain fit. Nothing will help if the above tips do not let you move during your work.

Get Fit at Your Desk
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