Get a Full Body Analysis with the Nokia Body+ Scale

When you go to a fitness club to get rid of excess fat from your body, you may be asked to do hardcore workouts in order to achieve your fitness goals. You may also be give a strict diet chart, which you need to follow every day. However, when you go to check your body weight, you find out that is there not much of a change. Fortunately there is nothing to worry about. A person with excess body fat and a person with rippling muscles may have the same body weight. If you really wish to find out about a complete body analysis, then you need to use a full body composition scale.

Nokia Body+ Scale

There are several types of full body composition scales in the market. If you wish to buy one for your personal use at home, then you need to choose a product which is dependent and provide accurate readings. Something like the Nokia Body+ Scale will be a good option. It has multiple features, which will take your breath away.


  1. Apart from the usual body weight, which is measured in kilos, pounds, and stones, the Nokia Body+ Scale also measures your bone mass, muscle mass, body fat, and water level. In other words, it gives you a complete body composition analysis.
  2. You can easily sync the Nokia Body+ Scale with any iOS or Android operated device using the Health Mate app. This allows you to transfer the readings to your handheld and also store it for future reference.
  3. The Nokia Body+ Scale can easily be used by more than one user. To be more precise, a total of 8 different users can use the machine. It can easily store the data of individual users and can also recognize one user from another.
  4. Apart from keeping track of your daily readings, the Health Mate app can also provide you with proper nutrition information to help you lose weight faster and get back in shape. It is needless to say that without a proper diet, you will never be able to get back in shape properly.


  • One Nokia Body+ Scale is enough to measure your body weight, along with several other useful measurements of your body.
  • The Health Mate app allows you to transfer and store your regular data at the same time on your handheld. This makes it very convenient for users to check their daily health data without having to waste much time.


  • The connection between the app and the scale may fail sometimes.
  • App setup takes time and the readings may not be accurate all the time.
  • Without the app, the scale does not measure anything except the weight, which means that the app is important.

There are several varieties of full body analysis scales in the market. Whenever you decide to buy one, always compare the different types in order to decide which one to choose for your personal use. Once you start using such a device, you will understand the reason behind the rising demand for such devices.

Get a Full Body Analysis with the Nokia Body+ Scale
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