Getting Started With Spinning Classes

So, you have joined spinning classes. That’s a great way to make your body fit, increase your stamina and build up your legs. It will not only make you sweat but also burn more calories. If it’s your first time and nervous about your first class, then here are some recommendations   for you when you are about to start with spinning classes.Pull Up Bars


Before you hop on bike start to start spinning, make sure you have worn comfortable sweat absorbing clothes. By wearing padded cycling shorts and wicking tops, you can make your ride more comfortable.

High Energy Workout

If you want to do vigorous workout then ride the specially designed bike. You will be guided by the instructor throughout the spinning class.  The speed and pace of spinning a cycle may vary. Sometimes, you will be spinning at breakneck speed while other time you will pedal slowly. You can adjust your intensity as per your fitness level under the guidance of an instructor. A newbie participates in a spinning workout for 20 to 30 minutes, while those who are spinning from long time ride around 60 to 90 minutes.

Know About Cycling

While spinning, you can check the result such as mph, power, calories burned, heart rate zone achieved, etc. You can even set a target for yourself and reach the set goal. You can even compete with your friend who has just started spinning like you. This will make you feel more enthusiasts and determined to reach your set target.

Find an Instructor

Find an instructor who is a hardcore biker. Make sure your instructor is certified and have proper knowledge about spinning a bike. He should friendly, informative, motivating and encouraging.  He should help you in setting up the bike and give cues throughout the class about speed, intensity, pace, and form. Find the instructor that motivates you throughout the spinning classes.Pull Up Bars

Tune In To Music Magic

Doing 30 or 40 minutes of indoor riding can make you feel bored. You can break your boredom with music. Listen to music that boosts up your energy level and makes you feel spirited. Music has the power to motivate anyone. You can ask your instructor to play your favorite song tracks.

Remember; always follow instructor command while spinning so that you can avoid injuries. He will guide you when you are riding and guide you through when to increase or decrease the speed, when to pedal slower or faster and when to sit or rise from your saddle. You will get guidance through sprints, climbs, and muscle isolations with lower-resistance pedaling alternation during cruising periods.

Spinning is like any other workout where you main key is to burn calories. Spinning indoor could be fun and you can get time to spin anytime at the gym or at your home. You will definitely build but muscle strength of your legs with spinning. All you need to have strong will power to spin as fast as you can. Remember, only practice can make you perfect. So don’t miss your spinning class.

Getting Started With Spinning Classes
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