Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine – A Space Efficient Way to Workout

Have you ever rowed a boat down or upstream? If you have, then you will understand how tiring it is for your entire body. Exercising on a rowing machine is quite similar to rowing a boat. It stimulates the actions of rowing a boat and is one of the best exercise machines in the market to help you get a full body workout. However, if you have never used such an equipment in your life, then it is better for you to know that rushing through your workouts on a rower is strictly prohibited. It may damage your muscles and joints.  We take a look at the budget-friendly Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine here.

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine

Since there are various types of rowers in the market, choosing the best takes time. Proper comparisons of different models by different brands based on their prices and features is important to help you choose the right one without any confusions. One of the most appropriate rowing machines in the market for users from different levels of fitness is the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine. It fits your budget very easily and also comes packed with multiple features.


  1. The Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with magnetic tension system and has 10 different levels of resistance. You can easily adjust the resistance as per your requirement. On days when you feel like going that extra mile with your workout routine, you can increase the resistance and vice versa.
  2. The LCD console of the rower is large in size and shows several information such as calories burned, time spent, count per minute, total count, and scan mode.
  3. The seat comes fully padded for ultimate comfort even if you exercise for a long time on the machine. At the same time, the handlebars have an anti-slip grip to help you hold onto the bars even when you row at top speed.
  4. The Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with transportation wheels, which are built-in in order to allow you to move the machine from one room to another. This machine can also be folded in order to save some space at home in your room.
  5. Exercising on this rower will target every major muscle group in body and help them grow and become stronger with time. A perfect full body workout machine for every age group.


  • The Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine has built-in trolley wheels to allow you to move it from one location to another.
  • The LCD display is large and quite clear. This will allow you to see the readings even if you exercise at a good speed on the machine.


  • If you row at top speed on this rower it may move a bit under the force of your workout.

Choosing the right type of workout machine is very important for your personal exercise routine. It is very crucial that you choose one with proper features and which does not burn a hole in your pocket. It is also important for you to buy a rower which suits users at your level of fitness.

Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine Review
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