The 8 Weight-Loss Snacks to Satisfy Bedtime Cravings

You’re just about to hit the sack when you decide to take a quick trip to the kitchen.  You open your fridge and see a platter of sweet and savory temptation. You close it and hear your pitiful growling tummy.

What do you do, then?  Healthy Midnight Snack!  Hit the Treadmill or Rowing Machine instead?  Probably not.

Most likely, you’ll have a hard time catching sleep on an empty stomach. But you also can’t use that as an excuse to binge on high-calorie snacks.  So, to take the hunger and guilt away, we’ve listed eight healthful snacks to satisfy your bedtime cravings and help you lose weight at the same time.

  1. Whole grain cereals

Eating Before BedHold your horses before you grab that box full of simple sugar and high-calorie cereals. All that sugar from the chocolate chips and marshmallows mixed with cereals will only keep you wide awake at night and pack weight on your belly.  Go for oatmeal or bran or corn flakes and pour just little skim milk on your bowl.

  1. Milk

Peanut Butter Before BedA warm glass of low-fat and high-protein milk should do the trick, especially if you’ve been having a hard time getting some sleep. Milk has tryptophan that relaxes the senses, and protein that helps build and repair muscles. You can also pair it with banana or cheese.

  1. Non-fat Greek yogurt

Good Late Night SnacksIf you’re tummy doesn’t like milk, you can go for some non-fat Greek yogurt. It has probiotics for healthy digestion, iodine for regulating metabolism, calcium for your bones, and protein for muscle repair.


  1. Banana

What To Eat Before BedBananas naturally contain tryptophan and melatonin, which induce sleepiness, and magnesium and potassium, which are muscle relaxants. If you want to feel full without getting hyper before going to bed, eat banana and have a warm glass of milk to go with it.

  1. Turkey sandwich

Best Foods To Eat Before BedYour tummy’s sure to throw a thanksgiving party if you have this for your bedtime snack. Use whole grain bread, add some Swiss cheese and a half-slice of turkey breast, and bite on your low-calorie and fiber-rich sandwich without an ounce of worry.


  1. Low-fat or non-fat cheese

Midnight Snack IdeasNon-fat cottage cheese, low-fat mozzarella, or Swiss cheese are some of your options. Like bananas, cheese has tryptophan that can calm your mood for better sleep.

  1. Baby carrots

Good Midnight SnacksIf you’re too hungry to go to bed but too tired to prepare your cereals or sandwich, just munch some crunchy baby carrots packed with vitamin A and a lot of other good stuff.


  1. Tea

Evening SnacksLast but definitely the least in our list is a cup of tea. Green tea or oolong tea are good for shedding off weight because it helps burn fat and boost your metabolism. Mint tea helps suppress appetite while chamomile or jasmine tea reduces stress hormones.


Now, you won’t have to feel guilty about bedtime cravings, and upset your stomach or disturb your sleeping pattern by eating wrong before hitting the sack. All it takes is some healthy food and a good night’s sleep.

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Healthy Late Night Snacks To Satisfy Bedtime Cravings
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