Get More than Just Your Body Weight with the Homdox Body Fat Scale

Traditional weighing scales have become a thing of the past. People want to know more about their body than just the weight. It is true that your body weight tells you nothing about your body in details. How much percentage body fat you have, how much of the total weight is the weight of your muscles, are some of the questions which need to get answered. The best way to find out more about your body is to use a body fat scale. These scales give a detailed information of your overall health based upon several body parameters. However, choosing the right scale is important for you.  We help you make that decision with our analysis of the Homdox Body Fat Scale.

Homdox Body Fat Scale – Features

You will stumble across multiple varieties of body fat scales in the market. Although all of them claim to be the best, in reality the picture is completely different. One of the highly popular body fat scales in the market is the Homdox Body Fat Scale. It is affordable, packed with several features, and also gives accurate information about your health.

  1. Unlike several other body fat scales at stores, the Homdox Body Fat Scale looks quite stylish and sleek. The surface is made of tempered glass so that it does not crack even when a highly obese person stands on it. The display of the machine is also large and clearly visible even in the dark. The scale can withstand a maximum user weight of 400 pounds or around 180kgs.
  2. The Homdox Body Fat Scale comes with 4 different sensors. These sensors work in a way that allows the scale to give highly accurate readings. There is an auto-calibration features, which allows the machine to provide highly accurate information. The data displayed can be seen both in stones, pounds, and kilos.
  3. A maximum of 16 different users can use the Homdox Body Fat Scale. All you need to do is make separate profiles of all the users and start using it. The machine itself is made with highly advanced technology so that it can easily display the data within a few seconds of you stepping on the scale.
  4. This body fat scale comes with Bluetooth technology. You can use your smartphone to pair with the scale and transfer all the health data of different users to your phone. This way, you can save the information for future reference. Regular comparisons of your health data will tell you how much you have progressed with your regular workout schedules.

There are many more features of the Homdox Body Fat Scale. If you wish to buy a body fat scale for your entire family, it will be a good idea to take some time and compare a few brands and models before you make the final choice. If you ever feel demotivated with your regular exercise routine or feel that you are not gaining as much as you had expected, then you better step on your body fat scale and find out about the actual health conditions of your body.

Homdox Body Fat Scale Review
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