Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 Treadmill comes with a folding design which is perfect for home use. Even more, the treadmill will work with many situations where you would need a comfortable experience which is also connected to an entertainment system such as a TV. There are many options to choose from when it comes to home treadmills, but having a space-saving solution with 30 different programs to choose from will be a good option for any user.


  • Foldable design
  • 30 built-in programs
  • Connects to mobile devices


  • Passport feature sold separately


The performance of the treadmill recommends it for most users. While it doesn’t lead the market in any particular feature, it offers a combination of features which makes it a good overall treadmill for your home gym. This is why many users actually struggle to understand that it is not just the build quality that is important but also the software and the user experience.

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your fitness efforts is to actually use different settings and programs. The good news is that the treadmill comes with a large number of programs. You will be able to choose up to 30 fitness programs with the treadmill. This makes it a recommended option for workout variation and the ability to maintain interest on the long-run.

Another interesting element comes with the ability to connect to the Passport technology which allows you to virtually run through different locations in the world. The downside of this feature is that you will have to purchase it separately.


The design of the treadmill is one of its main strengths. While many people simply avoid such complex treadmills due to various reasons, it is one of the interesting characteristics which has the ability to make it one of the main strengths when it comes to space saving. Since you might have limited space in your home or you might even be living in an apartment, you may still want to get the cardiovascular benefits of a full-size treadmill. This is where you can use the folding design to your advantage and to actually find the best location to keep the treadmill away when not in use.

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 Treadmill represents one of the interesting choices when it comes to versatility, performance and even space-saving designs. The treadmill is thus hard to match when it comes to balancing these critical characteristics. Even more, it will work to deliver a smooth running experience and an experience which is also varied with its 30 programs. While many new users might not feel these programs are too important, older users will know that keeping a good variety of the workouts is essential and this is why they will focus to create the right ambiance for top performance regardless on the time of day or mood. The treadmill thus represents a solid option for all types of users and can even work for multiple family members.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 Treadmill Review
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