Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike Review

The Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike represents one of the best choices in terms of modern designs. The upright exercise bike will be one of the best solutions for modern homes and for the users who need at least dependable technologies such as the heart rate monitor for their daily workouts. The good news is that the bike can offer this in a modern design which also delivers an interesting experience in terms of fitness challenge with its 10-preset programs.


  • Modern design
  • Modern LCD screen
  • Modern handlebars
  • Heart rate monitor


  • 15-pound flywheel


The upright exercise bike represents a great option if you are looking for a modern design. In a market saturated with classic appearances, a modern design can represent a breath of fresh air. The great news is that this modern design also comes with a performance to match. Thus, you will be able to choose between 10 workout programs and 16 tension levels to perfect each workout and to add the variation you need to keep going.

The bike also comes with some advanced technologies which might recommend it beyond the entry-level approach. One of these technologies comes with the heart rate sensors. These sensors will be able to indicate the effort you put in your workouts as it will monitor your heart’s beats per minute. Even more, the bike will indicate these readings on the easy to read LCD display which dominates the central console.


The design of the bike is one of its strongest features. It comes with a modern design which is hard to match on the market. This is based on modern lines and an approach which makes it perfect for any modern home. The upright bike also comes with an adjustable seat for the best position when cycling. Even more, the bike comes with modern handles which are rarely seen at this level. Then can add to the ergonomic feel of the bike. One of the best design features also comes with the large LCD screen. The screen is easy and intuitive to use and the good news is that it can actually offer you reading on essential performance indicators such as the heart rate.

The Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike comes with 16 resistance levels. These adjustments are also coupled by the 10 preset programs. Together, they can offer a new workout experience every day. The good news is that they will work to offer a complex workout for those who want to go beyond the classic straightforward approach. Thus, it can prove to be a good choice for the whole family. Advanced users would have preferred a heavier flywheel, but even so, the upright bike can offer enough resistance to challenge your daily workouts. And in the end, the goal is to lose or maintain weight which can be achieved on the exercise bike in the comfort of your home with one of the most modern designs on the market.

Horizon Fitness Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike Review
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