Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Review

With 43 fitness programs, the Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical represents one of the most advanced options from the manufacturer. It uses some interesting software presets to offer a new workout every day and this can represent an interesting option for people looking to maximize the results of the daily physical activity. So if you are looking for extra variation in your workouts and also want some of the most up to date technologies from the manufacturer, the E7 represents an interesting option which goes beyond the classic home cardiovascular equipment.


  • Incline angle
  • 44 preset programs
  • Speakers and reading rack


  • Passport technology purchased separately


The performance of the elliptical recommends it for a wide use across the elliptical fitness workouts. Based on 44 fitness programs, you will be able to take your body to the next level. With complex and new full body workouts every day, you will be able of achieving interesting fitness results if you are truly dedicated as you will not be limited by the equipment.

The performance of the elliptical is also enhanced by the slight incline angle of the stride which will give you a better position on the machine. Together with the built-in heartbeat sensor in the fixed handle, the elliptical is able of offering close to maximum performance even on the market. Even more, the performance is backed by some extras which might make it more interesting to the younger user which includes the ViaFit connectivity. This connectivity represents an interesting approach as it will come to meet your needs in terms of data synchronization on any mobile device which can install apps such as a smartphone or a tablet.


The great news is that the performance is also backed by a solid design as fans of the manufacturer might expect. Even more, the performance will also work closely with the design as is the case with the angled stride which will work to improve posture and reduce the stress on the back. Furthermore, the elliptical will also work with some famous extras such as the Passport technology. As the name suggests, the technology will give you the ability to exercise around the world but you will need to purchase the system separately and connect it to your home TV.

The Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical represents one of the interesting choices for many types of users. It works for the new user as it comes with the connectivity which might motivate them to workout daily. For the dedicated user, the elliptical might represent a great option as it comes with over 40 preset programs. At the advanced fitness level, the variation can play an important role as it will keep the user going every day with a new workout. Thus, the elliptical represents an interesting option from the manufacturer and even when compared to other alternatives on the market. For the home user, it will also prove to be an excellent choice for the entire family.

Horizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical Review
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