Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical Review

The Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical represents an interesting option if you want to be connected to the latest technologies. Practically, the elliptical differentiates itself with the touchscreen which is placed on the central console. The touchscreen comes with active graphics which are synchronized with your workout. In terms of performance, the elliptical comes with 44 powerful preset fitness programs. This sees the machine as one of the best in terms of performance and workout variation. When you add the angled design of the frame, you get an interesting option which uses the best natural position for your body and the workouts.


  • Central touchscreen
  • 44 powerful preset programs
  • Proper posture with angled design
  • Good data synchronization with ViaFit


  • Passport technology sold separately


The elliptical offers an interesting approach to your daily workouts. It comes with a modern touchscreen which will allow you to quickly change the settings of the machine. Even more, the touchscreen comes with different graphs which will synchronize to the rhythm of your workouts. Going beyond what can be seen on the console, the elliptical offers an interesting performance with some of the best variety of preset workouts. Practically, you can choose from 44 different programs which make the elliptical a top choice for the dedicated user.

It thus works for users of all levels. New users will be enticed by the simplicity of the workability with the touchscreen while the dedicated users will feel attracted to a large number of workout presets. Going beyond this, the elliptical comes with interesting connectivity. This sees is using the popular ViaFit technology which has been used across the series and which works smoothly to connect to mobile devices. It will thus have the ability to synchronize the data immediately to create a workout archive that will work to your advantage when it comes to accurately tracking progress.


The design of the elliptical recommends it for all types of users and especially for those who place an special emphasis on the ability to maintain proper posture with every workout. Thus, the angle design will work to deliver an interesting experience which will be hard to match when it comes to balancing good workout with modern designs. The central console is dominated by the large touchscreen which is one of the most interesting additions that will work for quick settings.

The Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical represents an interesting option when you plan to use a cardiovascular machine every day. This is due to the ability to save time with settings using the intuitive touchscreen. Going further than other elliptical in the series, the E9 is centered on a modern approach and this is why the touchscreen dominates the central console. But it doesn’t end here for the modern features. Thus, the elliptical comes with the ViaFit technology which quickly synchronizes data to your smartphone and also with the Passport ready connectivity. This has the ability to connect locations from all around the world to your TV station.

Horizon Fitness Elite E9 Elliptical Review
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