Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

The Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Trainer is one of the recommended options for a home workout. If you want to get in shape or if you want to maintain your fitness level, the cycle trainer can prove to be a good purchase as it comes with a good performance and the needed adjustability for a custom experience. In this sense, the bike comes with a seat that can be adjusted vertically and diagonally to find the best cycling position. Together with a basic LCD screen, you can have a cycle trainer to power your cardio workouts.


  • 44lbs flywheel
  • Adjustable seat
  • LCD screen
  • Displays calories and heart rate


  • 1-year labor warranty


The cycle trainer comes as one of the recommended options for the home users. Since it also combines some advanced technologies such as the LCD screen, it can be a step up from the traditional entry-level option. The cycle trainer will work to deliver a complete workout and as you can expect, it uses an analog resistance level adjuster which will work to improve the cycling experience.

The performance of the cycle trainer is based on a heavy flywheel. With 44lbs, the flywheel will deliver a complete experience which will be challenging even for the advanced user. Even more, the bike also comes with an LCD display on the central console which will work to show some basic workout data. This data can include the heart rate readings or even the calories you burn each session. This can be of great help when you actually try to surpass your goals and personal records as it can indicate you the level at which you are performing with each training session.


With a simple and modern design, the cycle trainer can be considered among the top options when it comes to performance and the ability to work for most users. It will deliver the workout you need with a modern design which comes with adjustability which is also used in professional alternatives. For example, you will be able to adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally. This means you will be able to find the best solution when you try to have a custom experience which will work for your weight and height.

The Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Trainer is one of the best options for home users who want an improved performance when compared to the classic entry-level options. The cycle trainer comes with a heavy 44lbs flywheel. This will prove to offer a challenge even for the advanced user. This is why it can be considered a good future-proof purchase as you will be able to use it for years to come with its adjustable and challenging performance. The bike’s design is also very similar to the professional models as it comes with full adjustability. The cycle trainer also comes with a modern LCD which is one of the most interesting additions when you try to monitor and track your fitness performance.

Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review
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