Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill Review

The Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill comes with 45 programs which can ensure a great variation for home cardiovascular workouts. Its silent performance recommends it for home use and together with the folding design; the treadmill can be a great solution for the dedicated user or even for the entire family. In terms of advanced technologies, the treadmill will be able to monitor the burnt calories and even the heart rate.


  • 45 preset programs
  • Foldable design
  • Silent performance
  • LCD display
  • Tracks calories and heart rate
  • Reduced maintenance


  • Console could be simpler


The performance of the treadmill recommends it for all types of users, even for advanced daily use. This is based on its powerful 45 programs and the silent performance which will not disturb the neighbors. If you need progression and variation in your cardiovascular workouts, then the preset programs can work to your advantage and will guarantee a new workout every day for over a month.

The interesting characteristics of the treadmill come with the advanced functionality which recommends it in a series of situations. As most people who use it will be looking to get into shape or maintain a good fitness level, the heart rate monitor can play an important role. If you are looking to lose weight you can use the built-in sensors to ensure an elevated heart rate for a long period of time which will prove beneficial for fat loss.

The treadmill is also capable of keeping track of the calories you burn. Practically, this will quickly set it apart in a crowded market as it can keep an accurate track of your cardiovascular efforts. If you are looking to lose weight the right way, keeping a minimal track of calories is recommended


When it comes to design, the treadmill also works to achieve great results. This is based on its foldable design which has made the series popular. You’ll thus be able to store it away and save space when not in use. But you’ll get more than a simple foldable design. You will also get a modern and complex center console which also comes with an LCD display. It will work to your advantage as you will be able to switch between different readings and keep track of indicators such as calories.

The Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill is one of the interesting choices if you are looking for top performance with home treadmills. It will come with some advanced features which are found in commercial gyms such as heart rate monitoring capabilities. This makes it the perfect choice for the advanced user and maybe the intimidating choice for the new user. But with minimal maintenance, the treadmill can represent an interesting option when you plan to use it for long-term results. Since it comes with 45 preset programs, it will prove to be a good choice for future motivation as well. You’ll be able to ensure a new challenging workout every day.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill Review
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