how to choose a treadmillHow to Choose a Treadmill for Home Use

Shopping for a treadmill can be overwhelming, especially when you have little or no idea of the kind of treadmill that would suit your needs, perform to your standards and deliver your desired results. So, to keep you from wasting your time, efforts and money, and ending up with a totally disappointing treadmill, we have here some useful and practical tips to narrow down your options and How To Choose A Treadmill for you.

  1. Measure the amount of space you can allot for a to choose a treadmill for home use

    No matter how great the treadmill may be, it would be of no good if you can’t fit it in your available space and where you intend it to be. So to make sure you won’t end up with something that’s either too big for your space or too small for your stride, choose your workout space beforehand and identify how much room you have for a treadmill. If you want to get a folding treadmill, be sure also to measure how much storage space you have.

  1. Determine the kind of treadmill workouts that you plan to do.what treadmill is right for me

    The type of treadmill workouts that you envision will also help you identify the motor power and track size that would support your intended workouts. If you plan to do heavy treadmill workouts, then be keen on getting something with motor power high enough to let the treadmill run and operate smoothly even when you do high-intensity workouts. Short track size can work well with walkers while longer track size is ideal for runners and tall users.

  1. Identify your budget.

    Your budget is another factor. Don’t be easily intimated by the list prices as most companies indicate high MSRPs so they can offer huge discounts. But don’t be easily lured by cheap treadmills either. If you don’t want to end up with something that has a noisy motor, easily broken components, and dysfunctional electronics, then you may want to invest in something that may be a bit pricey but would give good value for your money.

  1. Choose your required and preferred treadmill featureshow do I choose a treadmill

    Treadmills can have the most basic and most advanced features. Depending on your fitness goals and preferences, you can pick something with preset workout programs, cushioning system, pulse monitors, virtual tracks, multimedia players or speakers, water and tablet holders, TVs and web browsers, automated incline and speed options, and other bells and whistles. Get something with features that will guide you as you train and keep you focused, challenged, comfortable and interested enough to keep reaching your fitness goals.

  • Read reviews and do some test runs.How do I choose a treadmill for home

    Take some time to read relevant professional and customer reviews, do some test run of different brands in sport stores, check the manufacturer’s website for discounts, tax info, shipping cost, delivery and consumer protection, warranty, and other important considerations. Generally, it’s a good idea to test a treadmill in the store and then make your purchase online.

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How to Choose a Treadmill for Home Use
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