how to increase bench pressHow to Increase Your Bench Press

Hitting bench press plateaus can be quite frustrating, especially if you’ve been on it for months. So to help you get through it and effectively up and add some extra pounds to your increasing bench press, which is one of the best ways to measure your upper body strength, here are ten tips you can do to increase it.  This is your guide on How to Increase Bench Press.

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  1. Work your triceps
    One way you can increase your bench press is by beefing up your triceps with some intense exercises such as bar skull crushers and close-grip barbell bench press. Lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells is also more effective than training with cable machines.
  1. Push your limits and do super setsincrease bench press
    You can’t keep training within your comfort zone and expect to get through the plateau. You’ll need to change your routine, increase the intensity of your workout, make adjustments to your rest between sets, and go for supersets.
  1. Quality more than quantity
    Less is more, and when you are looking to improve bench press, it’s the quality of the reps, sets and exercises you do that matters more than the quantity of it. So don’t just go for numbers. Go for value.
  1. Get enough sleep and rest
    Getting at least eight hours of sleep and enough rest between workouts is vital to muscle repair and growth. Sleep and rest are basic components of muscle-building so having enough of it can help you reach your bench press goals better and faster.
  1. Negative training can yield positive results
    In bench press, negative training is done by slowly lowering the weights down to your chest and having two assistants lift the weight back for you. Negatives can significantly impact your upper body strength and your 1 rep max, and help you up your bench press.
  1. Find the best time to train your arms
    Hitting your triceps before or after training major body parts has its pluses and minuses while giving them a separate workout seem to have more advantage for most lifters.
  1. Have enough calories per dayhow to improve bench press
    To add pounds to your bench, you need to take up to seven meals daily and have enough serving of protein and complex carbohydrates, which are necessary for you to be able to build bigger and stronger muscles.
  1. Schedule 7 to 10 day breaks
    It’s also important to give your muscles a week off to avoid fatigue, which can thwart muscle growth. Try to drop the weights you work with for a week and just do some light full body workouts.
  1. Take some bodybuilding supplements
    Taking bodybuilding supplements is one of the best and fastest ways to deliver nutrients to the body. You can take it in the morning, after training, and before going to bed.
  1. Observe proper technique
    When you bench press, ensure proper position on the bench and grip on the bar, keep your feet off the floor, and lower the bar to the right position on your  chest.

We hoped this help you learn a little more on How to Increase Bench Press.  Click the link below for the Critical Bench Program and see if it is right for you.

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10 Tips on How to Increase Your Bench Press
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