How to use a rowing machine?

Rowing machine assists in cardiovascular and strength training exercises. The low impact and smooth rowing motion tends to work out the whole body. But people do not know how to use a rowing machine. They use it for 10 minutes only and their sore back or tired arms prompt them to give away. Most of them cannot even sit properly on the rowing machine. The machine must be used properly and only then it gives desired results.

The four phases of proper rowing stroke

To properly workout your arms, abs, back, chest, legs, etc, you need to use it properly. A proper rowing stroke can be divided into 4 phases:

  • The Catch
  • The Drive
  • The Finish
  • The Recovery

Using the rower machine is excellent workout but if you do not use it properly, it can lead to stress and pain in regions of the body.

The Catch

In the Catch, you need to sit on the rower seat, strap feet into foot pads and simply grab the rower handles with a proper grip. Extend arms towards flywheel while keeping the wrist flat. Slide forward when on the seat till the shins are vertical. Now, lean forward at your hips. Do not overstretch your arms or lean too forward.

The Drive

The Drive is the very beginning of the motion. The powerful but controlled force initials the pull. You need to start the drive with your legs and not with your arms or back. Begin your drive by extending legs and pushing against the foot pads. Make sure the core is tight, back is firm and arms are straight when the power is to be transferred to the handles. When the knees straighten, bend arms and lean the upper body back. Finish up with the backward lean.

The Finish!

In this position, the user needs to bend elbows and pull handles into the abdomen. Extend legs but avoid locking your knees. Keep a slight bend in them to maintain dynamic and fluid rowing stroke. Lean at your hips slightly backwards.

The Recovery

In the Recovery Position extend arms by straightening elbows and returning your handle towards the flywheel. Lean the upper body at the hips and follow the arms. Now, bend your knees and move forward onto the seat to the start position. The most crucial thing in this position is not to rush up the slide into the couch position. Do not rush and aim at just 20-25 strokes per minute.

Tips on using the rowing machine

If you use the rowing machine safely, it is an excellent workout machine. As a novice rower, you need to follow certain tips:

  • Do not lean too much back when in the Finish Position
  • Do not lean too much forward in Catch position
  • Never jerk the handles back with your arms
  • Avoid starting the drive with your lower back instead of legs.

Using the rowing machine efficiently needs some bit of practice and effort. Start slowly and increase the time gradually. The machine will work out the muscles which were never used before. If you are too quick and impatient, it will cause muscle aches and strains. Follow the exact way of using a rowing machine to acquire a wonderful body.

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How To Use A Rowing Machine
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