The Hyperice Hypersphere Review

It may be your yearning for good health or quest to alleviate pain; whatever might be the reason, the Hyperice Hypersphere is designed to help you lead a healthy, pain-free life. The Hyperice Hypersphere serves both fitness enthusiasts and patients suffering from various pains, in equal measure. The innovative Localized Vibration Therapy technology used in the ball helps users by increasing blood circulation, improving flexibility, and enhancing the range of motion.

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The Hyperice Hypersphere is a spherical ball with textured rubber exterior and power/settings button at the center surrounded by LED that indicates the different levels. The textured exterior helps localize the vibration therapy. The therapy ball is available in two colors – all black and green/black color design. The premium rubber body, lithium battery, and motor inside make the ball heavy. The weight of the Hypersphere increases the durability of the ball. It also looks modern and stylish.

The Best Features of Hyperice Hypersphere

  • Textured exterior made of premium rubber
  • Available in green/black and all black color schemes
  • Three levels setting, LED lights indicator to denote levels
  • The ball has a high-intensity vibrating core
  • The textured exterior transfer maximum vibration generated at the core in the body
  • The ball is heavy, but easily portable. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in a backpack
  • The core contains motor and rechargeable lithium battery
  • One full charge powers the ball for 2 hours at level 3
  • User manual and an AC adaptor included in the box

How Hyperice Hypersphere Helps Users

The Hyperice Hypersphere keeps the body free from pain and helps maintain flexibility and range of motion of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and soft tissue. While exercise balls provided limited benefits to the body the combination of the ball and localized vibration therapy offers lasting benefits. The pain relieving vibration goes deep into the body and focuses specifically on the target area. The localized action ensures the target area gets maximum benefit of the vibration.

The Hyperice Hypersphere can be used by anyone wanting to relax muscles and tissues, alleviate pain, and improve blood circulation. The spherical ball is used by fitness experts, physiotherapists, athletes, and sports people around the world. The Hyperice Hypersphere can relieve pain in the hamstrings, feet, shoulders, neck, glutes, hips, and back.

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How is Hyperice Hypersphere Different from Other Vibration Therapy Equipment?

There are plenty of exercise balls and vibration therapy belts on the market; so what makes Hyperice Hypersphere so special? The most appealing quality of the Hyperice Hypersphere ball is its localized vibration therapy treatment it offers. If you’re experiencing pain in the lower back side of the body there is no effective treatment using ordinary vibration therapy pads. On the other hand, the Hyperice Hypersphere ball will address the issue and provide instant pain relief. There are no areas in the body that is out of bounds to the Hyperice Hypersphere ball.

The makers have made the use of the Hyperice Hypersphere ball very simple. The ball has just one button, at the center that acts both as the power switch and level setting controller. Switch on the vibration therapy ball, select any one of the three levels, and place the ball on the target area and apply pressure to it.




Durable, compact and portable


Premium rubber exterior

Short battery life

Textured exterior for localized vibration therapy

Three intensity levels

Rechargeable battery, One full charge will give more than 2 hours of use

Improves flexibility, increases range of motion, alleviates pain, and enhances blood circulation


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Hyperice Hypersphere Review
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