What makes this scale so intriguing is the range of features that it comes with. It simply takes things to the absolute next level. It is the first of its kind as far as body composition monitoring is concerned and will provide you with accurate stats of your body.

Not only that, the Ironman RD-901 Plus Black Body Fat Scale can detect different users. Simply step on and get your measurements immediately. You can even pair this machine with your iPhone thanks to its blue tooth communication capability. These are low energy and produce just 4.0 radio waves.


The Ironman RD-901 Plus Black Body Fat Scale provides accurate measurements. This is thanks to the Dual frequency testing feature which provides you with both your extracellular and intracellular information commonly only found in models that are professional grade.

You get over 10 body readings. These include your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), weight, Physique Rating, Total Body water, Visceral Fat, Muscle mass, BMI, Bone Mass, Body Fat, and Metabolic age. Try looking for a different model to provide you with such variety and accurate information and I can tell you for free, there isn’t any.

What I personally like about the Ironman RD-901 Plus Black Body Fat Scale is how non-invasive it is. All you need to do is to step on the scale for a full body analysis. In fact the only other two methods that it can be compared with is the hydrostatic weighing and dual-energy x-ray absorption entry only found in some clinics.

Are you wondering how it works?

The Ironman RD-901 Plus Black Body Fat Scale makes use of Bluetooth technology. This makes it simple to obtain readings on the physical status of the user. You also get the Healthy Edge mobile app which when synced with the phone provides you with a graphical representation of your stats.

The equipment itself comes with an LED screen that provides you with the information you need quickly and efficiently. With a maximum user weight of 440 pounds, pretty much any one can step on this equipment.

Summary of features

  • This dual frequency consumer scale is the only one of its kind in the world.
  • It is both android and iPhone compatible
  • Comes with user recognition
  • You get over ten different measurements providing you with a full body analysis
  • You get the free app Healthy Edge


  • Provides you with plenty of body information eliminating the need to visit a clinic
  • The information is quite accurate and will go a long way towards motivating you to lose some weight.
  • Excellent value for you money


  • Not extremely accurate since the numbers tend to change when you step on the scale a second time
  • Seems to not have a very durable construction


It’s not every day that you come across a weighing scale that provides you with such a huge array of information. From body fat to BMI, this is an absolute work of genius.

Ironman RD-901 Plus Black Body Fat Scale Review
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