JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike

Your body is just like your car. If you do not use your car for a few months, it tends to give tons of problems when you decide to start the engine after months of no use. Similar is the case with your body. If you decide to go for regular exercises after years of leading a sedentary lifestyle, you will find it very difficult. Your muscles will ache and you will feel tired all the time. However, this will happen for just a few days. Nonetheless, if you are not too keen on experiencing such muscular pains and wish to lead a healthy life, then it is very important that you exercise every day.  New to the market is the JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike.

JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike

If you do not have the time to go to the gym on a daily basis, then you can simply buy an exercise cycle for your own use at home. There are several varieties of such cycles in the market and choosing the right one certainly takes time. If you are a first timer and do not wish to go for a feature rich cycle, then one of the best options would be the JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike. It has just the right number of features and is perfect for users, who have decided to exercise regularly after years of leading a sedentary lifestyle.


  1. Exercising on the JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike can help your body in several ways. It can help you build strong muscles, improve the overall blood circulation throughout your body, and also boost the natural calorie burning process of your body.
  2. The motion of the flywheel is rather smooth and quite silent, which makes it perfect to be used at night when your entire family is asleep.
  3. The JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike comes with a digital monitor, which displays several information such as distance travelled, speed of pedaling, total calories burned, and time spent on the machine.
  4. The resistance of the JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike can easily be adjusted by the twist of the tension knob on the cycle.
  5. The foot pedals also ensure that the cycle does not skid while you exercise. This ensures that you can exercise without the possibility of any type of accident.
  6. The cycle is quite sturdy, thanks to the tubular metal frame of the JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike. The handle bars are also adjustable as per your requirement and convenience.


  • The JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike is perfect for those users looking for a mild workout session at the comfort of their homes.
  • It is well within your budget and the features are perfect for those of you planning to use an exercise cycle for the first time in your life.
  • The digital display is clear to understand and simple to read.


  • The seat cannot be adjusted to move forward and backward. It can only be moved up and down.
  • It does not come with transportation wheels which makes it difficult to move the cycle from one location to another.
JAXPETY Upright Exercise Bike Review
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