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Height can take you to greater heights, especially in basketball. And it’s not just about how tall but also how high the player can jump that can make a huge difference in the court and on the scoreboard. Here we’ll take a look at the Jump Manual Program and how it can help improve your vertical jump.

  1. Who authored it?

The Jump Manual Program was authored by Jacob Hiller, a professional trainer with years of experience working with several NBA and Olympic athletes at all levels. Based on his personal experience of increasing his vertical jump by 44 inches, he created the Jump Manual Program.
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  1. What’s included in the Program?the jump manual

The program includes tips, techniques and approaches to adding more inches to your jump. It talks about the right shoes, warm up exercises, stretching techniques, leg strengthening workout, tips on how to hold the ball properly, how to strengthen your fingers and avoid injuries.

  1. What aspects of vertical jump are tackled in the Program?

The program tackles 9 key aspects of maximizing your vertical jump including the nervous system, diet, exercise, resistance, among others. It presents an effective way of synergizing these aspects so you can achieve optimum upward propulsion and natural jumping explosion.

  1. How effective is it?

As with any other training program, the Jump Manual Program’s effectiveness would depend on your effort, commitment, discipline and determination. If you’ll carefully follow the instructions, tips, techniques and approaches, you’ll have higher success rate and increase your jump by a minimum of 10 inches.

  1. What are its benefits and advantages?jump manual reviews

Apart from increasing your vertical jump, the Program also provides overall strength and general fitness training to help you improve your game and meet the demands of other physical activities you engage in. Subscribers can also connect with Jacob Hiller if they have questions regarding the program. Below are its other advantages.the jump manual reviews

  • It’s not time consuming.
    You’ll only need 5 to 10 minutes daily with the exception of 2 days requiring 30 to 40 minutes depending on how much time you take between sets. Just wake up 5 minutes earlier and you’ll be on your way to a higher vertical jump.
  • Tried and Tested
    Jacob Hiller has personally trained a lot of NBA players and Olympic athletes from different fields who were able to add several inches to their vertical jump using the Jump Manual Program approach. It’s more than enough proof that the method works when properly implemented.
  • Backed up by science
    The key techniques, approaches, methods, and even the nutritional information contained in the Program are backed up scientific evidence and are not just based on wild guess or baseless assumptions. As such, you can count on its promise as long as you do it the right way.
  • The videos and instructions are well presented
    It comes with very easy-to-follow, clear and detailed presentation of the workout plan and of the exercise guides.


The Jump Manual Program Reviews
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