Kava – A Non-Alcoholic Drink With Alcoholic Effects

On days when you have to work for long hours in office, you feel like having a few drinks of your favorite alcohol when you get back home. Consuming alcohol makes you feel dizzy, helps you get relaxed and also harms your liver. The best alternative to having alcohol is kava. It is basically a plant root, found on the various South Pacific islands. For ages, kava has been used in ceremonies and as a type of medicine by the islanders. Kava can easily calm your brain and has an effect similar to several brain calming drugs such as diazepam. Unlike popular beliefs, kava is not at all addictive. However, the effect of the drink may lessen with regular consumption.

Benefits of Kava

The soothing effect of kava on your brain is mainly due to the presence of kavalactones in the plant extract. This is the psychoactive part of the kava plant. There are several health benefits of having kava. Some of them are mentioned below. Read on to know more.

  1. Helps You Remain Alert And Calm: Do you often find yourself anxious about something in life? Is it your work or your personal life? Whatever be the factor, kava can easily help you get in the relax mode. All this is possible without impacting your mental clarity. Just a small cup of kava can help you feel relaxed and mentally sharp.
  2. Sleep Peacefully: There are 2 primary neurotransmitters in your body, serotonin and GABA, which help you to fall asleep. Consumption of kava can help you destress and relax your different body muscles. As a result of this, you will feel sleepy very easily. The best time to have kava in order to fall asleep peacefully is about 1 hour before your bedtime.
  3. Get Rid Of Muscle Pain And Soreness: There are 2 natural pain relievers found in a kava plant. These are dihydromethysticin and dihydrokavain. Due to the presence of these pain relievers, your mouth will natural feel numb after having kava. If you have sore muscles or feel muscular pain in any part of your body, go ahead and have kava. This drink will cure your soreness and pains easily.

There are several debates on the topic that kava is harmful for your liver. There have been several tests conducted on this topic without any definite results. According to these studies, kava can only harm a person who is allergic to the drink. This is possible to just 1 person in 100 million. It has also been proven that people, who drink kava, fall prey to liver toxicity due to intake of various types of drugs.

The taste of kava may not be preferred by many of you. It feels like having grainy mud. You may prefer to have pre-made kava teas. However, these are not as effective as the original kava drink. You can either chew or swallow the lava root or mix it with hot water and make tea after straining the mixture.

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