Know About the History and Anatomy of Kettlebells Before You Start Using It

The way of exercising has simply changed in these modern times. Apart from using various workout machines such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin bikes, and many more, you will also find many people using something, which looks exactly like a cannon ball with a wrought iron handle. Sounds as if you are being taken back to the basics of exercising, right? This workout instrument is known as a kettlebell. Although you may use it for a few days out of sheer curiosity, there are many experts who will advise you to simply use kettlebells forever and make it a part of your daily workout routine.Pull Up Bars

What Is The History Behind Kettlebells?

Many of you may wonder about the mind behind the birth of kettlebells. You will be surprised to know that kettlebells came into existence in Russia and were initially used as counterweights in order to weigh various dry goods such as grains. With time, farmers started to use kettlebells as modes of amusements for themselves. They began challenging each other to lift the heaviest kettlebells. Gradually, these heavy objects got one more usage in circuses. Circus strongmen started using it to amuse viewers.

It was after the World War 2 that kettlebells were used as a means of training. The Soviet Red Army started using it to train its soldiers. It was somewhere in the 1970s that kettlebell lifting had become an official sporting event of the Soviet Union. Kettlebells have been in use in the US since the era of 1940s. However, it was just a few years back that it got its popularity. You will find kettlebells being widely used in various fitness clubs and are readily available at stores.

Anatomy of a Kettlebell

If you think about a kettlebell, the first thing that probably comes in your mind is a round heavy object with a handle. The cannon ball shaped round heavy section is the bell. The handle is known as the “horns” and is made of wrought iron. This unique design is one of the prime reasons for the growing popularity of this workout item. Unlike any traditional or modern age dumbbell, the center of gravity of a kettlebell is offset from the handle. You can grip a kettlebell in several ways. You may do so either by the handle itself or the horns or by the bell. Usually people prefer to hold by the handle. However, if you perform squats, then you may have to hold a kettlebell by its horns.Pull Up Bars

Kettlebells are available in different weights. If you are a professional user, then purchasing one of different weights will be a good idea. However, for beginners, starting off with the lighter ones will be more beneficial. There are several stores which sell kettlebells. If you wish to get the best, then you may have to do some research to choose the right store and the best kettlebells in the market. Start using one and chances are that you will continue using for a long time.

Know About the History and Anatomy of Kettlebells Before You Start Using It
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