The L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Spin bikes are a common sight in most homes. They are available for purchase in different price ranges based on the features and functionality. But, you need to shell out a few hundred dollars even for the basic models. Those who’re looking for an indoor cycling bike that’s both durable and affordable have just one choice – The L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike.

Today, we’ll share as much information as possible about the features, functionality, and specifications of the L Now LD-582 Bike.

Pull Up Bars

Frame: The cycle is made up high-quality steel. The L Now LD-582 bike has a very modern design that attracts young and old alike. The outer shell of the bike leaves room for the air to move through all the important components. It also prevents dust and sweat from affecting the flywheel.

Fitness Monitor and LCD Screen: Most professional exercise bikes come with fitness monitors that measure and display vital workout and body metrics on an LCD screen. The L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike is no exception. The 4.3-inch LCD screen on the bike is quite bigger than those in other brands. Vital stats such as heart rate, calories, time, distance, and speed are displayed.

Handlebars: The unique design of the handlebars allows maximum support and comfort to users during the pedaling activity. The special design of the handlebars could come handy during workouts that require a long duration of intense pedaling. Quite a few factors determine the type of handlebar hold you should use. The types of workout position, intensity, duration, etc. are some of the factors involved. Fortunately, the handlebars can be adjusted to suit your desired position.

Seat / Saddle: The seat is equally or perhaps more important than the handlebars. The saddle position that’s suitable and comfortable to one person might be unsuitable for another. Luckily, the L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike comes with 4-way adjustable seat mechanism. The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. To reduce pressure on the lower back region of the body, the seat comes with 3 rubber cushions under the saddle.

Multimedia Stand: Intense workouts are tiring, that’s why most people use workout music when they exercise. Playing music or video can relax and help you exercise for a longer duration. The L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike comes fitted with a multimedia stand where you can place a magazine, tablet (such as iPad), or smart phone. Those who enjoy exercising on the cycle trainer would know the importance of staying hydrated. Luckily, the L Now bike is equipped with a bottle holder.

Pull Up Bars

Resistance: The cycle comes with a simple knob mechanism to increase/decrease the resistance. The electroplated flywheel and leather belt system cuts noise and promotes a smooth drive. The resistance is easy to operate; you won’t have any trouble switching resistance levels. The flywheel is bidirectional; you can also pedal in the anticlockwise direction. The instant stop function is another important feature of the L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike.

Other interesting features of the bike include the pedals made of an aluminum alloy, slip proof foot rest, and toe cages. The base has four feet that can be individually adjusted to improve stability on an uneven surface. The easy transport wheels will help you relocate the bike after workouts.




Made of sturdy steel frame

No smart app

Fully adjustable seat and handlebars

Belt drive system (automotive grade and patented) ensures smooth drive

46lbs flywheel perfect for intense workouts


Maximum weight supported: 400lbs


Performance monitor displays 6 metrics


Accessories include multimedia stand, water bottle holder, and micro-fiber form handlebar



The L Now LD-582 Indoor Cycling Bike Review
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