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Brisk walking and jogging are excellent ways to stay fit and get rid of unwanted body fat. However, if you are a busy executive, finding enough time to jog around the neighborhood may not be possible every day. In such scenarios, the best alternative is to workout at home or at work, whenever you get some leisure time. Most of you may think that working out from the comfort of your home may not be enough to shed fat from around your belly. Well, in order to benefit the most from your short workout routines, experts suggest to use a rowing machine. These can easily exercise most of the major muscle groups in your body and give you a complete workout.  One of the leading manufacturers in the market has come out with the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer and we take a look at it here.

life fitness row gx trainer

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer – Basic Features

There are several types of rowing machines in the market. However, not every type is suitable for different athletes at different levels of fitness. If you are a newbie in using such an exercise machine, then you have to choose the right model carefully. One of the highly popular rowing machines amongst fitness enthusiasts is the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer.

  1. Smooth Motions: When it comes to using a rowing machine, it is rather important that you choose one which allows smooth movements of your body. With the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer this is possible. It uses Fluid Technology resistance system which allows users to experience a smooth movement while using the machine.
  2. Suitable For All: The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer comes with 16 different resistance levels. This makes it a versatile rowing machine for people at different levels of fitness. The resistance can be altered by simply turning a dial, thus making it a user friendly machine.
  3. Can Be Stored Anywhere: Do you often find it difficult to store things in your house due to shortage of free space? With the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer you do not have to face such problems. It can easily be moved to any location within your house and can also be stored, when not in use, in a standing position.
  4. Is Used In Almost Every Fitness Club: Due to its versatility and easy to use features, the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is used in most of the fitness and health clubs.

life fitness gx trainer rower review

It is needless to say that using a rowing machine works almost every major part of your body such as your legs, back, abs, biceps, and triceps to name a few. As discussed above, since there are several varieties of rowing machines in the market, it is rather important that you use a few at a store to see whether you are comfortable using it or not. Purchasing one blindly and finding it difficult to use will only result in a waste of time and money. Using a badly designed model may also hamper your body and hurt your different body parts. Thus, it is better to compare a few models and then choose the right one and the Life Fitness GX Rower is one to consider.

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Review
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