The Limm Speed Jump Rope

If you think that a jump rope is just for kids, then you’re wrong. A jump rope is portable, cheap, and can burn around 130 calories in just 15 minutes. The jump rope is the ideal fitness equipment for people of all age groups.

The jump rope is an underrated superstar that you don’t see being promoted too often by marketers. That’s because it’s cheap. Not many fitness tools have a price tag below $25, and if you choose the Limm Speed Jump Rope, you just have to shell out less than $10 for this brilliant calorie-burner.

According to Professor Peter Schulman of University of Connecticut Health Center, the rope exercise strengthens both the upper and lower body, and it burns calories really fast. Jump rope exercise is healthy for the heart and if done properly it’s one of the best low-impact workouts.

The Best Features of the Limm Speed Jump Rope

Versatility: The Limm Speed Jump Rope is a whole exercise regime in itself. The jump rope can be used to do cardio exercises, CrossFit double under, home workouts, gym exercises, MMA Trainings, and much more. It’s an ideal exercise tool for both indoor and outdoor workouts. There is no age restriction for use of the Limm Speed Jump Rope. Anyone above the age of 3 years can use the equipment.

Easily Adjustable: The rope is nearly 10 feet long, but it is easily adjustable so that it can be used by men, women, and kids of any age. Adjusting the length of the rope is so easy that even 6-7-year-old kids will have no problem with it. The handles are comfortable and slip-proof. You don’t have to worry about sweaty and slippery palms anymore. The handles are made of foam and plastic and it is 5.7 inches long. Moreover, the handles are lightweight and easy to use.

High-Quality Product: Most health enthusiasts use the Limm Speed Jump Rope every day. This requires the product to be of the highest quality. Lucky for you, the Limm Jump Rope uses the finest materials for both the handle and the rope. Furthermore, the ball bearings in the handle allow the users to maintain swing speed. Another great feature of this fitness equipment is that it doesn’t get tangled.

Portability: The Limm Speed Jump Rope easily fits inside a small pouch that you can carry anywhere you go. Now, there are no more excuses to skip workouts. Make your room, office, or backyard your very own gym.

Guarantee and Warranty: The makers of the Limm Speed Jump Rope consider your health and wellness as their priority and ultimate goal. After purchasing the jump rope, if you feel the fitness equipment isn’t the one for you or if you’re not satisfied with the product, then you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Carry Bag and Free eBook Guide: When you buy the Limm Speed Jump Rope, a free ebook guide and carry bag is also included in the package.




Handle and rope made of durable material

Some find it hard to adjust

Lightweight and comfortable

Plastic and foam handle that’s slip-proof

Does not tangle

High-quality ball bearings promote fast swings

100% money back guarantee

Free ebook guide and carry bag included


Limm Speed Jump Rope Review
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