MTN Gearsmith New Edge Glider

For a total body workout, elliptical trainers have been proven to save on both time and space. They provide a convenient way of doing cardiovascular training without the need of excessive equipment that only end up taking too much space.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym but you still need to get that well-toned body, then the MTN Gearsmith New Edge Glider is the perfect partner. You can now easily work your arms, legs, upper and lower body at the convenience of your home.

This machine is constructed out of a dense steel frame that ensures durability and optimum sturdiness meaning that you can expect a long service life. It has a really quiet running system making it easy to watch your favourite TV shows with minimal disturbance all while doing your training.

With the MTN Gearsmith New Edge Glider, space should not be an issue as it comes with a folding design allowing you to store it away conveniently waiting for your next training session. The footrests feel comfortable with their wide set construction and non-slip tops ensuring safety throughout its use.

A grip pulse monitor helps keep track of your heart rate while the strategically placed meter screen keeps count of your calories, speed, time and distance. With a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs this machine caters for a large range of sizes while its simple design means that it requires very little maintenance.

Product features

  • Handle bars containing pulse sensors
  • Meter that keeps track of speed, distance, time calories and pulse
  • Maximum user capacity of 265lbs
  • Convenient folding design that saves on space
  • Wide foot rests for added safety
  • Quiet running operation allowing you to view your TV shows without distracting noises in the background.
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Does the job it is intended for and provides excellent training
  • Saves on space

Buying Tips for Elliptical Trainers

As one of the fastest growing fitness regimes, elliptical trainers offer an excellent full body workout while saving on space and the need to always go to the gym. Getting the right elliptical machine is not as straight forward as it may seem especially when you consider the large number of models from different manufacturers at your disposal.

Worry not however as we are here to give you the best buying tips.

  1. Online reviews

As a first step towards buying an elliptical machine, go online and read the reviews from those who are already using the product you are interested in purchasing. This will go a long way towards giving you a clue on how this machine will perform.

  1. Fitness Goals

As an indoors training equipment the elliptical machine you choose will likely be used by more than one family member. Depending on your overall level of training, you can choose a durable equipment that provides higher resistance levels.

  1. Where to purchase your equipment

When you decide on the model, find out where you can buy it from. One option is to find different retailers but also take a look at the manufacturer’s website.

  1. Testing before purchase

If you decide to physically go out and purchase one. Try and test it yourself and determine whether it offers the kind of service you are looking for.

MTN Gearsmith New Edge Glider
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