Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review

The Nautilus E616 Elliptical is an easy-to-use cardio machine. It is built with 29 programs set to cater all types of fitness objectives. These programs include 2 fitness test programs which are a good option to check your overall performance level. But you can also select a program from the 9 heart rate options. These cardiovascular programs are perfect for people looking to improve their fitness levels together with the health of the heart. The machine will also show you crucial indicators such as covered distance or burnt calories. This way you will always know what to do to push your workout towards you next personal record.

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  • 29 programs
  • 20” stride length
  • 2 LCD displays
  • Articulating footplate
  • Transport wheels


  • 90 days labor warranty


The elliptical performs well in situations where other similar machines cannot raise to the standard. With a 20” stride length there will be plenty of challenging workouts for most users.

The machine is capable of tracking information such as calories as you can set your own caloric goal for some workouts. The elliptical will also show you the time spent on the machine. This way you can only target workouts by settings the time as the only fixed variable. Finally, you can also read the covered distance which is also helpful as a performance indicator.

With USB connectivity you will be set for the manufacturer`s website browsing. Together with My Fitness Pal this will give you the opportunity to enter a world of information and resources which was not available just a few years ago. For example, you can set your daily caloric targets by entering the pre-set foods which will automatically calculate your caloric intake. This means you can know exactly what you ate and what type of effort you have to sustain on the elliptical the following day.


The simple design of the machine is perfect for any environment. The elliptical is built with strong materials. As a result, it can manage a weight of up to 300lbs with ease, making it a good option even for commercial use. Together with a smart design for connectivity, the elliptical represents a solid option for people looking for a complete cardio machine. The elliptical has one of the simplest connectivity options with a USB port. With built-in speakers, you can set your favorite tracks to power your workouts even from a mobile device.

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The Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review is one of the most effective machines in its class. It has plenty of performance and good quality stride for daily use. Its frame is solidly built which means it can handle even overweight users making it a good option for commercial use. If you plan to use it in your home gym you will be happy to know that it has some of the simplest and yet most effective connectivity you can find. Even more, you can plug-in your favorite MP3 tracks and listen to them while you workout using the built-in speakers.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review
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