nautilus e618 elliptical machine reviewNautilus E618 Elliptical Review

The Nautilus E618 Elliptical comes with a dual LCD display which can track multiple workout indicators. The LCDs are illuminated and they can also be tilted for the user to find the best angle for data reading. The machine comes with an impressive number of programs. You can choose from 29 programs to fuel your cardio routines.  With the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, you can make the most from these programs by integrating them into a fitness app like My Fitness Pal. This will open up the world of fitness information and the best nutrition to fuel your elliptical efforts.

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  • 20 programs
  • 22” stride length
  • Fixed and moving handlebars
  • 350lbs capacity


  • No USB port

Performancenautilus e618 elliptical trainer reviews

The performance of the elliptical machine places it among the best options on the market. With extended warranty even for labor which might work for up to 2 years, there are plenty of quality technologies behind the machine.

The elliptical comes with moving and fixed handlebars which are perfect for upper body activation. If you want to engage your hands and core you will follow the pattern of the moving handlebars for optimum calorie consumption. This means you have the chance to burn more calories in a shorter period of time. But moving handlebars can also be beneficial for upper body mobility. As we age, we ca lose the mobility of our body and what better what than engaging it while steadily locked down on the anti-slip pedals.

You will also receive a wireless heart rate strap. This will monitor your heart rate during the workout with a display of the readings on the LCD screen. You can thus focus on maximum intensity during each workout which will maximize your fitness efforts from a scientific perspective.

Pull Up Bars

nautilus e618 elliptical trainer machine reviews and priceDesign

The design of the elliptical really recommends it for losing weight or general muscle toning with reduced stress on joints. Because unlike a treadmill, an elliptical can offer all the benefits of a workout without putting too much pressure on the knees and ankles. The elliptical is made with quality materials which can hold weights of up to 350 pounds. This makes the machine really sturdy and this is why it comes with an impressive warranty of 15 years for the frame.

The Nautilus E618 Elliptical is one of the best elliptical machines for commercial and home use. It comes with every major feature required in today`s fitness environment. With the exception of USB connectivity, the machine has all the programs, displays and performance levels you need. But since you have Bluetooth connectivity instead, you might be better off with this wireless solution. With 29 programs to choose from, the machine sets a high standard on a market where these types of products are only used by truly dedicated athletes. The good news is that it is so easy to use that it will work for any person looking to lose weight without putting the extra stress on the joints with machines like treadmills.  We hope you enjoyed our Nautilus E618 Review.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review
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