Nokia Body Cardio Scale Review

Each and every body part is important in helping you lead a normal life. However, your heart plays a major role in helping you to remain fit and healthy. If you have heart ailments, then it can limit your natural lifestyle and also force you to remain in bed for a few days.

It is very important for a person, suffering from heart diseases, to keep a close check on the condition of the heart. This is why it is very important to have a good quality heart rate monitor with you. It not just helps you get an idea about your heart condition, it also tells you whether you should rest or can continue to move around with confidence.  This is where the Nokia Body Cardio Scale comes into play.

Nokia Body Cardio Scale

When it comes to a heart rate scale, you will stumble across several types on the market. Each branded product will claim to be the best in terms of telling you about the condition of your heart. However, in reality it may not be true. If you are a heart patient, then it is important for you to have a tried and tested heart rate scale such as the Nokia Body Cardio Scale. This scale not just tells you about your heart, it also gives you a complete picture about your overall body composition.


  1. The Nokia Body Cardio Scale gives you a proper picture of your entire cardiovascular health. It tells you about your pulse wave velocity and also your heart rate. These data can tell you about the speed at which your heart generates waves along the arteries inside your body.
  2. Along with the heart rate, the Nokia Body Cardio Scale can also tell you about your full body composition. It can tell you about your body weight in kilos, stones, and pounds, water percentage, body fat composition, bone mass, and muscle mass.
  3. The Nokia Body Cardio Scale uses Position Control Technology, which is a patented body position detector to help the device give an accurate picture about your overall health conditions.
  4. You can download the Health Mate app in your iOS or Android operated handheld and transfer all your data from the machine to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi. This will help you keep track of your regular health conditions and also store the data very easily.


  • This is a two-in-one machine which can tell you about your heart conditions and also your entire body composition.
  • Transferring data and storing it in your mobile phone is very simple with the Health Mate app.
  • Use of latest technology allows the device to provide accurate readings.


  • The cost of the Nokia Body Cardio Scale is not worth the additional features of combining both heart rate and full body composition scale.

In order to get a proper idea about your overall health conditions, it is very important to invest in a good quality full body composition and heart rate scale. This will help you notice any changes in your health and take proper steps.

Nokia Body Cardio Scale Review
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